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Vote 4 Virgobo1's Mr. & Lady Tengaged Survivor Borneo 2019 Jan 11, 2019
Vote on who will represent #Survivor Borneo in the Grand Finale!

Mister Tengaged Survivor Borneo Hopefuls:

Richard Hatch
Rudy Boesch
Sean Kenniff
Gervase Peterson
Greg Buis
Joel Klug
Dirk Been
BB Andersen

Lady Tengaged Survivor Borneo Hopefuls:

Kelly Wigglesworth
Sue Hawk
Colleen Haskell
Jenna Lewis
Gretchen Cordy
Ramona Gray
Stacey Stillman
Sonja Christopher

Stay tuned for the results!
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SURVIVOR: BATTLE OF 2018 Dec 27, 2018
This year has been a great year in #Survivor. With the exception of Season 36 US, I've gotten a full year of the best Survivor shows outside the US that I've ever seen, including the fan-made Maryland: All Stars. I decided to make a season roster from Survivor 36,37, NZ2, AUS5, SA6, and Maryland AS. I try to make it as balanced as possible with as little ties from each other in their respective seasons. I decided to make it a Second-Chance kind of season.

***SEGANI (Pre-merge tribe)***

S36) Stephanie J.- Great player, loved her attitude but the tribe swap screwed her up
S37) Natalie- She'd get the boot early again but I just find her entertaining
AU5) Tegan- Got blindsided, came back and got screwed by a twist. She needs a 2nd shot
NZ2) JT- Very game savvy and I'm surprised he quit before the merge.
SA6) Tevin- He had a good grip on the game but he was over confident
MAS) Alex P- He was 1st boot but he was amazing in his original season which makes it sad

***ELOMA (Jury tribe)***

S36) Kellyn- She annoyed me but she's one of the bigger characters and players her season
S37) Christian- He's the biggest character in his season.
AU5) Benji- A season needs a GOOD villain. Especially one who is as game-savvy as he is.
NZ2) Renee- Not much to choose from. She is outspoken and went down fighting
SA6) Palesa- Known for her bold moves, so sad she lost to someone like Tom.
MAS) Schuble- Iconic. He embodies a Survivor fan to me.

***VOLEKA (2nd-5th placer tribe)***

S36) Domenick- I'd like to see him play without Wendell
S37) Angelina- For entertainment value
AU5) Shonee- Loved her fighting spirit and her confessionals
NZ2) Adam- Great social gamer and known to being catty
SA6) Werner- Masterful player who got cut by the goats he's dragging to the end
MAS) Victoria- We don't deserve her. One of my faves from the whole Maryland seasons.

Who would you cast?
How would you list the boot order?
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Survivor 37 Predictions & First Impressions Sep 26, 2018

I can't believe we're heading into Season 37...I'm glad this is the last one this year since I've been watching Ghost Island, New Zealand, Maryland, South Africa, Australia back-to-back. A good way to end Survivor Season 2018. This cast is very old-school looking with the mactor level to a minimum. Kudos!

I really think they're scrapping the bottom of the barrel with this twist ideas and over all I'm keeping my expectations low coming in to the new season. I hope the editing team has seen the International-Maryland storytelling to light a fire on their asses and give us great stories featuring a good potential material from the cast.

Here's my prediction of how the season will go down:


20) Natalia- Strong and intelligent women are always viewed as a threat on Survivor.
                   Sadly, I can see her as a potential first/early boot or a merge boot.

19) Natalie- I WANT HER TO DO WELL as a fave but her personality WILL rub people the
                  wrong way. I want her to stay long enough to preserve the good
                  reputation of the name Natalie on Survivor but it looks more like
         wishful thinking at this point.

18) Lyrssa- She's older and she's another odd person in her tribe. She doesn't look like she
                can contribute anything valuable to camp and I'm not expecting her to last long. I
                can see potential in strategy if the right people approach her, which is unlikely.

17) Mike- As another older contestant and one of the lesser physical players, He is
              vulnerable unless he can find a way in his tribe's core alliance. He's
              very savvy to make moves as a Survivor fan, but I find it hard to see him
              hold on to his alliance without being worried about him.

16) Angelina- There's always one girl who I have no idea what to think and that is
                     her this season. I can see her as an early boot since they may not
                     have much content on her to go off from.

15) Christian- He's odd and out of place and despite looking harmless, he doesn't
                     look like he can add anything to the David tribe. He kinda looks
                     disposable and he better hope he can avoid the early tribal councils
           where he's most vulnerable. I can see him pulling a Caramoan Cochran
           but its a longshot.

14) Jessica- She giving me an Alecia vibe feeling out of place in her tribe. I have
                  very low expectations for her and I don't think she'll get much of an
                  edit. 14th is too generous but I think people will get blindsided before her.


13) John- He screams merge boot. His tribe will need his strength and will have to
               put up his wrestling persona IF he turns it on (but I don't think he can
               help himself). Not needing the money is a huge reason to cut off a huge
               physical threat ASAP. I see him being used as a meat shield but not as
               a master mind behind an alliance.

12) Davie- I think his personality will be grating to other people. He can only be
       so aware until his true colors show. Even if his tribe need his strength
       I still think they'd get rid of him just to have peace at camp.

11) Kara- I have high hopes for Kara. She has everything to be succesful in the game.
            But I see her as victim of circumstances. I can also see her get into a
            showmance--which usually doesn't bode well for the girl in that duo

10) Jeremy- He's very strong and focus but unfortunately early merge boots are strong
                   physical males. I can see him being blindsided by his own alliance for
                   being too trusting.

9) Allison- I can see her making moves, but circumstances will always be against her.
                I can see her getting caught trying to pull something off and becomes
                a sitting duck but fighting till the end.

8) Bi- Asian women have been doing horribly lately on Survivor but I want to give
         her a chance. She is scrappy and I can see her bonding with the men.
         Eventually her strength and tenacity will be seen as a threat and I can see
         her get blindsided.

7) Alec- Behind the charming persona feel like an untrustworthy person. He is giving me off
             Taylor (S33) vibes and most likely a part of a showmance.

6) Gabby- I think she's too tame to make any moves and will let her alliance tell
       her what to do. I can also see her throwing tantrums if she doesn't get her way.

5) Nick- He's got a lot going for him and I can see his tribemates gravitate towards
            him. I can see him be the underdog people root for but alas, getting cut
            late into the game.

4) Carl- I can see him bonding with Pat and Elizabeth early on because their blue
           collar Texans. My concern is that he can be seen as a jury threat and
           get taken out before he reach Day 39


3) Pat- I can see him hitting it off with Elizabeth and Carl because of where they're
          from but I don't see any strategic vibes from him. I can see him get dragged to the
          end as a goat with having no idea why he got there.

2) Elisabeth- I can see her a huge character, but it remains to be seen if she's
                   a goat or a villain for me. I definitely don't see her making moves
                   and she's probably one of the people who makes it far wondering how
1) Dan- He gave me the same vibe Tom, JT, Kim and Wendell gave me during the cast
     reveal and I'm gravitating towards him as my winner. He's like an older
     Michael (s36) with more experience and likeability. Hopefully, I'm not
     wrong and he turns out to be the opposite of what I'm hoping he would be.
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Ranking the 2018 Survivor Winners So Far Aug 17, 2018
1. Lisa (Survivor NZ: Thailand) Long time fan and a strategic mastermind. Her Matt vote was
                                              Master-level. I put her first since she's willing to cut allies
                                              and work with new ones.

2. Wendell (Survivor Ghost Island) He was with Domenick the entire game and dominated til
                                                    The very end. He was my winner pick but  not really
                                                    interesting gameplay wise.

(long gap)

3. Tom (South Africa: Philippines) What a lol winner for a crazy epic season. Brash, loud and
                                                   borderline abrasive, the finale gave him somewhat of a
                                                   closure of an edit as a winning player. His FTC sort of
                                                   redeemed him a bit.

waiting on the winners of #Survivor Australia CVC, Maryland and 37 to finish up the list
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Interesting...Survivor FInale May 24, 2018
That the first 5 jurors voted for Domenick (Chris, Libby, Des, Jenna & Michael)
and the latest 6 jurors voted for Wendell (Chelsea, Kellyn, SeaBass, Don, Angela & Laurel)

Yay my winner pick won--I got the same vibes from Kim Spradlin & JT from the pre season. Dom played an amazing game--he'd be top 10 winner games had he won for sure.

That tie was epic. Too bad it was at the end of a sub-par season. After the reveal of next season's title, I have little enthusiasm for it, but we'll see.

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My Survivor 36 First Impressions/Predictions Feb 1, 2018
Yeah, its too early but I wanna see how I do when I predict during the cast reveal of this new #survivor season.


20) Stephanie- I find her personality too sweet and peppy for my taste. Playing the soccer mom Doesn't normally bode well with a bunch of 20-year olds. She's reminds me of a young Wendy Jo.

19) Chelsea- I feel like the survival aspect will affect her. Others will think she may be too prissy to keep around. Giving me Sarah (S4) vibes.

18) Bradley- I have a hard time being convinced he's likeable enough to get people to be on his side; He could have a hard time fitting in. Reminds me of Cochran, but less charismatic.

17) Morgan- Maybe too competitive for the show; I can see people getting annoyed by her. Giving me Ashley (HHH) vibes

16) Angela- Angela- I don't buy her laying low and biting her tongue--eventually not being able to control things will get to her. Most likely to be screwed by a swap. Giving off Lucy vibes.

15) Jenna- Every season, there's 1 girl who I have no idea what I think and that's her. Usually, they end up premerge so that's where I'll put her. Predicted 'Purple Kelly' Edit

14) Desiree- Rough around the edges; I can see her butting heads with people. She says she's like Cirie, but she's coming off like a NaOnka to me (their intros are giving me a similar vibe)


13) Gonzales- People are gonna be threatened by her physically and socially

12) Libby- Showmance. (It normally doesn't end well for the girl in the pair)

11) James- Has a good head on his shoulders and he can easily win people on his side. Almost like Yul 2.0. He's gonna be a big target comes the merge

10) Michael- JP Edit? Reminds me of another boring Michael (One World)

9) Chris- He's teetering between being douche-like and somewhat endearing to me. No way he'll be voted off early, but I can see him being victim of an epic idol play. He could be a succesful Drew Christie type.

8) Domenick- He's a mix between Rodney & Joe (HHH) ; He's self aware & likeable but seems to have an underlying abrasiveness as time goes on. Very crafty.

7) Laurel- I can see her as a gamebot-type of player like Hannah; Don't know if I find her interesting enough to root for just yet. I can see her messing up by making moves too eagerly

6) Donathan- Please do not be like Colton! He seems likeable so far...could be a fun character?

FINALISTS: I basically took the 5 people I liked the most

5) Brendan- Being an older guy can definitely be an advantage as a mentor figure to the younger kids; With that said, he'll be a huge jury threat. Reminds me of a younger hybrid of Tom & Terry

4) Jacob- Relatable; Very aware and I like how he improves on himself before coming on the show. I can see him as someone's side kick. One of the more original characters on the show.

3) Kellyn- I think being a challenge liaibility will we too much for her to overcome despite being sociable but I can also see her being dragged to the end as a goat. I find her to be Aubry-lite

2) Sebastian- So I guess Ozzy, Malcom & Joe have their successor. He's self- aware and endearing enough so I expect great things from him.

1) Wendell- I'm getting positive vibes from him. I'm impressed that he knows that he  knows where he fits in this group. I can see him going far.
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