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update on my legs

Jan 11, 2022 by vaultg1rl
i ended up going to the hospital, i just got out of a cat scan and i鈥檓 feeling a little loopy now. They have confirmed it鈥檚 not covid, but they鈥檙e not sure 100% on what it is, they have a few ideas but they don鈥檛 wanna say it鈥檚 one thing over another until they are sure. I still cannot feel my legs and honestly at this point im so scared.


Omg I hope u will be OK.
Sent by Harehere,Jan 11, 2022
GL girl, hopefully they can figure it out!
Sent by Tryphena,Jan 11, 2022
I hope you鈥檙e okay!!!
Sent by Ratchett,Jan 11, 2022
Praying for ya hun, yeah that would be scary for sure but I hope they figure it out quickly so that they can beat help you with figuring out how to fix it
Sent by CarolinaSteele,Jan 11, 2022
harehere thank you!!
tryphena me too!!!
ratchett thank you!!
carolinasteele thank you you鈥檙e super sweet
Sent by vaultg1rl,Jan 12, 2022

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