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  1. how to not be hacked:
  2. i havent been active on tengaged that much..
  3. honestly i have no problem
  4. honestly im 19
  5. ur mcm
  6. haha
  7. woah
  8. there is only 1 tengaged girl
  9. dont get why
  10. my dick is really hard atm
  12. You stinky ugly motherfucker
  13. I had to go off the grid
  14. im so horny rn holy fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk D:
  15. Lets pretend to be in love for the night
  16. No title
  17. Who is the best Stars winner on Tengaged?
  18. you could legit tag urself in that blog
  19. Isn't it weird that
  20. 1593 yea
  21. watching Drake play fortnite on twitch lmfao
  22. i cant believe he has all this money to gift..
  23. he legit made me submit my collage pic
  24. wwemrpeeps diddled my underage cock
  25. I had a dream I shot a school up
  26. trolls like absoluteasshole are the best lmfao
  27. THIS is how you should dress
  28. legit americans be like
  29. this drag race is so tragic to watch
  30. Hello Tengaged :)
  32. hello u cunts
  33. Make me a mod
  34. You all think I give a damn if you like me?
  36. I'm only here to be the mod
  37. hey everyone
  38. Plus if you think I should be mod.
  39. I wanna be the new mod
  40. two men looked out from prison bars

My Top 10 LEAST Favourite Things/People on Tengaged:

Feb 8, 2018 by vansreborn
image1) People who use the term flavour in every Stars
2) People who say "IT ISNT STEALING!!!!!!!!! THEY BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
3) People who delete all their blogs and only keep their top ones
4) People who try their hardest to go against what is popular (So they'll bash someone without talking to them because that person is popular)
5) Those like 3 people with loads of multis who are basically the same exact person
6) How there isn't any characters that stand out anymore and everyone falls under the exact same category as each other
7) People who get pissy about friends list placings in 2018
8) People who comment on PYN's who you don't know and wonder why the fuck they would comment
9) People who pass off being ~edgy~ and ~controversial~ as just trolling cause they think it clears them of any wrong doing
10) People who post blog titles relating to their new colour level (Reach for the SKY! :D I'm a TV STAR! :D)


#3 is me
Sent by Brayden_,Feb 8, 2018
I delete all my blogs, even the ones that are record breaking smash hits
Sent by blogs,Feb 9, 2018

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