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Can some plz tell

Mar 7, 2018 by underwzc
eyoomarcus about Michael Jackson. He is trying to compare him to Beyonce of all ppl lmao


Sent by EyooMarcus,Mar 7, 2018
He was an incredible artist...his personal life is the off part.
Sent by Yoshitomi,Mar 7, 2018
Yoshitomi what about his personal life?
Sent by underwzc,Mar 7, 2018
Yoshitomi The part where he donated more to charity than any artist in the history of the world? Or where people tried to exploit their relationships with him and wrongfully accuse him of child molestation?
Sent by underwzc,Mar 7, 2018
Underwzc I honestly think his charity work is outstanding and no one will ever compare. It's more his mental-state and the stuff we will never understand or know the truth about.
However the music he created will live on forever. So diverse and timeless classics.
Sent by Yoshitomi,Mar 7, 2018
Yoshitomi he was acquitted of all charges against him in a court of law. What kind of mental-state would you have if you had been pimped by your father since you were born?
Sent by underwzc,Mar 7, 2018
Underwzc Agreed with your last point, and being as famous as he was/still is/probably always will be makes life really difficult. He couldn't cope and that's evident in his song lyrics and choices he made, like the addiction to prescription medicine. But sure, presume I'm talking about the paedophilia accusations.
Sent by Yoshitomi,Mar 7, 2018

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