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Unpopular Opinion

1stFeb 7, 2018 by underwzc
Why do people ride BengalBoy 's dick so hard? He isn't funny and his blogs are extra.


He's a cis white male with a nice physique.
Sent by dav_o_79,Feb 7, 2018
Sent by Manson,Feb 7, 2018
not like there's anyone funnier than him
Sent by Absol,Feb 7, 2018
He is funny but his blogs r sooo long :P
Sent by Roshy,Feb 7, 2018
That's an indictment on the current state of tengaged absol. Doesn't mean he is funny.
Sent by underwzc,Feb 7, 2018
He's a nice guy if you get to know him. He can't help it if some tgers obsess over his looks
Sent by Anas,Feb 7, 2018
Anas yeah i'm not saying its his fault, I think he's a good guy, but its just annoying seeing the majority of this site act like he is some sorta comedic god.
Sent by underwzc,Feb 7, 2018
omg I blogged this a while ago lmaooo

I love him now though.
Sent by EyooMarcus,Feb 7, 2018
I find him hilarious because he has original content in which he writes himself. Everyone has their own sense of humor I guess.
Sent by Carsonl,Feb 7, 2018
aw no need to cry lil fella :(((( i just happen to entertain some people here

top respect absol roshy anas eyoomarcus carsonl
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 7, 2018
Because he's yellow
Sent by FelipeS,Feb 7, 2018
i mean, orange
Sent by FelipeS,Feb 7, 2018
Because he’s a nice guy who talks to anyone and doesn’t get involved in the drama he just keeps things lighthearted and goes for a laugh. If you knew him you’d understand
Sent by JustMe,Feb 7, 2018
I get it justme it's just that he has some sort of cult following that laugh hysterically at anything he posts and worship him when a lot of the things he posts are corny. I guess his followers are what annoy me more than anything lol.
Sent by underwzc,Feb 7, 2018
underwzc LOL I wouldn’t call it a cult following people just appreciate him bringing humor rather than adding to the drama. Theres just too much drama sometimes and he keeps it balanced.
Sent by JustMe,Feb 7, 2018
Zach I get what u mean too tho how he could literally blog something so irrelevant or random
And still have people be like omg ur a genius ! And shit like that but he still cool for me
Sent by Roshy,Feb 7, 2018
Don't act like you don't want to ride his dick hard
Sent by blogs,Feb 7, 2018
there's just about 10 people on the site that can blog literally anything and it'll be a top blog or can join stars and play any type of way and still win.
It's lame but that's just it's always been
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,Feb 7, 2018
I smell jealousy.
Sent by 2Evolution,Feb 7, 2018
I personally agree that his star don't shine quite as bright as it may have when he was getting violated by fat older women as a minor back in 2009.
Sent by mahogany,Feb 7, 2018
because he's the love of my life?
Sent by KatherinePierce,Feb 7, 2018
looks like I AM the best blogger after all!
Sent by vansreborn,Feb 7, 2018
prob because people want his dick
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Feb 7, 2018
Bc twinks have low standards
Sent by Carvalho,Feb 7, 2018
All this is is a jealously blog because Under could never win Stars twice in a row if he tried
Sent by Brad13535,Feb 7, 2018
why is the sky blue
Sent by Zuelke,Feb 7, 2018
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Feb 7, 2018
Sent by BB5lover,Feb 7, 2018
He's super nice, he's hilarious, and he's iconic. Honestly idk why he wouldnt get top blogs all the time.
Sent by Paige54,Feb 7, 2018
Because he is nice and funny and a good person
Sent by koolness234,Feb 7, 2018
He treats people how people treat him.
He's always been kind to me.
Sent by Catch_a_falling_star,Feb 7, 2018
Because bengalboy is the king.
Sent by amartin,Feb 7, 2018
It's a matter of personal taste, but I've always found him funny. He doesn't take himself or the ridiculous drama on here too seriously, and I find his humor lighthearted and not malicious, unlike a good portion of this site.
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Feb 7, 2018
he has a brain and smart personality unlike most of the tengged community
Sent by Lamia,Feb 7, 2018
I like you both. Group hug?
Sent by k4r4k,Feb 7, 2018
:0 amartin
Sent by amills5,Feb 7, 2018
hi babe :* amills5
Sent by amartin,Feb 7, 2018
underwzc isn't it the same thing in real life though.  Like someone can say something of great importance and feeling, it gets no attention.  Then someone can say I farted and it's the biggest thing since sliced bread.  Just saying!  I don't get it but it is what it is.  Not saying that I don't like bengalboy because he's alright in my book but i'm not a cult follower either. :P
Sent by Jenna2010,Feb 7, 2018
Unpopular opinion: How did this even get the amount of points it did?
Sent by Robbster1313,Feb 7, 2018
He is nice I support him always
Sent by LuckyLefty,Feb 7, 2018

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