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  1. I love Jason warrior
  2. Omg I love the four
  3. Jayden isnt dead yall
  4. Who's joining hunger
  5. Which singing show will u watch?
  6. Done with 2018 already
  7. Why can't i punch hard in my dreams?
  8. I hate when people ask me
  9. Which NFL team needs a new fan?
  10. Who won 2017?
  11. HQ
  12. How are they gonna bring Dan back
  13. PYN if you are
  14. Ain't it weird
  15. You ever had
  16. Nothing makes me more angry
  17. This is so messed up
  18. Just saw Wonder
  19. Really disappointed
  20. HQ Easter Egg
  21. I'm such a hopeless romantic
  22. Where were you
  23. I thought they changed F4 of survivor
  24. Do any of my friends want my account to bet on..
  25. Imagine
  26. Beyonce
  27. Why isn't Janelle Monae
  28. The first 3 things you see
  29. Are white people allowed to be proud of their..
  30. Here to spread some holiday cheer
  31. Russel Hantz is the best
  32. Why do people wash their hands
  33. When is Adele
  34. Selena Quintanilla-Pérez is the best person not..
  35. Why does my volume get really low
  36. Let's take our time tonight girl
  37. So proud of AJ Green
  38. Top 5 Hottest tengagers
  39. Just fleeced a tengager
  40. I want to interview someone

Who won 2017?

Jan 1, 2018 by underwzc
My vote is 2beastly for becoming a dentist


Miss u Zach =[
Sent by Roshy,Jan 1, 2018
Love u Roshan roshy <3
Sent by underwzc,Jan 1, 2018
aw thanks bb underwzc
Sent by 2Beastly,Jan 1, 2018

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