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Stars Game #188895 Support

Oct 28, 2018 by tyr3kflame
capguy1 - I didn't vote on this poll because i'm good friends with you and jussy but you do have my support bro !

austino15fffan - I think you still hate me but regardless of what happened in our Stars game, you're still my fraternity brother and someone i genuinely do like ...i hope you bring home the win for us <3

LittleMix - I also think you kind of don't like me given the fact you attacked me in hunger and don't respond to my skype messages when we're in games together ..i could be wrong but i'm supporting you, good luck :)

@melindaMrsk - I'm not sure if you know or recognize me but we've played a few games together and got along every time! i'm rooting for ya :p

jussy007 - Although you got evicted, I was going to support you and i'm sorry i didn't vote in this poll :/ i'm just good friends with capguy as well and it would've been an extremely hard decision for me ...i'm sorry Justin </3 nonetheless i wanted to put you on my Stars support list

CalebDaBoss - Another user i come across often on this site, i always spam you when i'm in group games and you always support me so i figured I'd return the favor! :D

LosAngeles - I also always spam you when i'm in group games and you always support me so i feel i owe the debt back! good luuuuuck

Batya - You were in my last Stars Game and got 16th which was undeserving so i'm going to be supporting you in this Stars game :P good luck !!

Cheeseman - Bro, I supported you in your last Stars so i just have to support you again! i can't wait to see how well you play :) rooting for you cheese !

Passionfruit - You are such a loyal supporter in my group games as well and you atually respond back!! and i believe we made finals once in a frookies? yeah, you're pretty cool so i hope you make it far man! good luck bro

Good luck to the whole cast and i cannot wait to see how this game turns out!! you are all awesome and i wish you all luck <3


<3 thanks love
Sent by LittleMix,Oct 28, 2018
I appreciate that I’m sorry I’ve been so bitter
Sent by austino15fffan,Oct 28, 2018
Thanks !!
Sent by capguy1,Oct 28, 2018
lmao i meant to tag cheeseman2468
Sent by tyr3kflame,Oct 29, 2018

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