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I Have A Dilemma.

Jul 18, 2016 by tyr3kflame
I finally have enough t$ to buy black level but I also want to update my avatar from noob. I have no friends who gift me and I always miss the deadline for the shopping game. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!


If you buy black you will get more T$ from bets (you can get a lot of T$ from betting) :) Also I'm probably going to gift you when I get enough T$ (2 weeks or so maybe)
Sent by GoodKaren,Jul 18, 2016
get black level :) i added u into my gift list
im gifting alot of people who have no gifts :)
it will be later this year though ! ( working on my shop)
Sent by ImGonnaWin,Jul 18, 2016
Sorry, but I am set on gifting the winner of TDWT, but you can still win it.
Sent by Rennac,Jul 18, 2016
Thank you to all of you!!! GoodKaren you're such a sweetheart and I love you for that
Sent by tyr3kflame,Jul 18, 2016

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