Big Brother and online Hunger games.

LOL I'm so confused...

Dec 16, 2014 by tylerwayne
I walk into the living room for like two seconds, and my dad is watching Days of our Lives...?

The awkward moment is I sat down to watch it while he left the room for a sec, and when he came back it was a WilSon moment and he's super homophobic and I'm gay and think Sonny is so sexy.


ew why don't you leave, if my dad was homophobic when i would just hitchhike away
Sent by Ribbons,Dec 16, 2014
Ribbons I'm only home for winter break. I go back down to school in Florida in a month.
Sent by tylerwayne,Dec 16, 2014
ooh great.
Sent by Ribbons,Dec 16, 2014

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