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  1. Half Moon Run (my favourite band)
  2. I have a crush on ____
  3. Ok LAST blog
  4. I'm pretty sure I started this
  6. Tengagers who have seen my dick:
  7. Guess the size of my dick
  8. Yay trending
  9. I have such a big crush
  10. Am I a whore?
  11. This is from my 1st day of high school
  12. Hi I'm bored give me attention
  13. Mail me your honest opinion about me
  14. Would you rather have a summary
  15. Yay! Just got into grad school!
  16. join frookies!
  17. One more of me playing!
  18. Patience - The Lumineers
  19. On the bright side...
  20. Give me some quarantunes to listen to !
  21. My god I'm so lonely
  22. Join survivor with me
  23. I jerked off with a tengaged'er on snap today
  24. In a paper
  25. Rate my avi /10
  26. Who wants to be my tg boyfriend?
  27. frookies and chil?
  28. Hello
  29. YAS
  30. First person to guess my fathers'
  31. Everyone needs to see this
  32. Skype me for dick pics
  33. Old friends on here I miss
  34. I am constantly sooo horny
  35. PYN
  36. I just woke up
  37. Akeria is triggered
  38. PYN
  39. I can't convince
  40. Can I win my 4th rookies in a row? :O

Thank you for saving me tg <3

Aug 13, 2019 by tycoon1234


Yw king
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