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  1. I finally got silver level.
  2. Who is ready for Big Brother 20?
  3. Does anyone know when Big Brother 20 is going to..
  4. Thank you for 29.1%
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  6. Stars support
  7. When you get into a dominate Spanish speaking game..
  8. Just ignore him right now.
  9. Had a total of 245 PM so far I might actually go..
  10. I am going to the final 3 in stars
  11. Actually I try my very hardest to be active.
  12. Thank you for 50.6% of you that voted
  13. Thanks for the 62.1% of people that voted to save..
  14. Only 14 more days until school is over for me
  15. Do you think that Tengaged is growing or..
  16. Safe for nominations and safe for top 8/ payroll
  17. There is a possibility that I might go up in..
  18. I made it to the top 10 in stars.
  19. Thanks for the 2 people that made a blog in..
  20. Regarding my rookies charity game.
  21. 11:11 make a wish.
  22. You have 3 hours left to vote for the first person..
  23. Just started a charity game please join and help..
  24. Netflix series review Aggretsuko
  25. My stars confessional
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  27. I finally made it into a stars game.
  28. I will actually be ready to join this stars game.
  29. Why I haven't been on Tengaged for a long time.
  30. If you want to add me on Play Station it's..
  31. Hey happy 1 year anniversary for me.
  32. Just need 3 more subscribers to get 80 and 25 more..
  33. My 1 year anniversary on Tengaged is coming..
  34. This is so me when someone tells me hello.
  35. Midnight for EST
  36. Does anyone know the longest Hunger Games in..
  37. I got up to the 500 karma milestone.
  38. When people neg your blogs.
  39. When you get a key and you already made 2 comments..
  40. Just made a first HOH charity game hope you can..

I might actually experiences what I've always heard about.

Jan 16, 2018 by turnerpike20
Having enough T$ to level up but not enough karma. The next level is 300T$ and 600 karma. It's going to be more easy to get those T$ than it is to get that karma.


Good luck getting to silver :)
Sent by GoodKaren,Jan 16, 2018

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