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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


2ndApr 10, 2021 by turkeylover
A Next Top Model Production


Labeled by critics as one of the best movies of the year, THE ELEMENTALISTS is a thrilling 2021 fantasy adventure film directed by Matty Whitmore, written by Nate Clove, produced by Jerard and created by Team Goal Diggers. After the powerful water fairy Marina Blackwood [played by acclaimed singer/songwriter, Taylor Swift] is kidnapped by the evil witch Daisy Harlow [new and upcoming actress Mia Goth], it is up to the students of The Crossroads School of Fine Arts to save her before it’s too late. The students include Selene Titania [played by singer/songwriter Dua Lipa in her first acting role], Elizabeth Rose [played by the talented Korean singer Lee Sun-mi], Bass Riverton [portrayed by British actor Lucien Laviscount], Jasper [played by Victorious star Avan Jogia] and Blair [played by The 100 star Marie Avgeropoulos]. This unlikely group of allies will have to face trials, tribulations and tests in an attempt to save the world in this unique coming of age fantasy film.

Jasper Lovelace and Selene Titania, two polar opposites, one day find out that they both have magical powers that they cannot control after they end up fighting off a band of muggers that try to rob them. After manifesting their powers, they're approached by a powerful fairy Annalise Blackwood, who is the headmistress of a school for magical youngsters named The Crossroads School of Fine Arts. At the school, the two meet Bass Riverton, a dangerous fire controller; Blair Dubois, a talented earth manipulator; Elizabeth Rose, a fiery controller of plants and Marina Blackwood, the daughter of Annalise and a powerful water fairy.

One night, everyone at the school is awakened by shocking news. Marina has been kidnapped by Daisy Harlow, the dark mind-controlling witch, who wishes to harness Marina's magical powers on the night of the full moon to revive her evil mother, Hyacinth, and wreak havoc on the world. Now, the unlikely group of Jasper, Selene, Bass, Elizabeth and Blair must join forces and save Marina before it's too late.

On their journey, they are met with many obstacles sent by Daisy in an attempt to stop them. Elizabeth gets hurt by Daisy's shadow demons, which ends up slowing down their journey. Daisy also manages to enter Bass’s dreams and take control of his mind, which causes him to turn against the group. Therefore, they have to tie him up with chains and drag him along with them until Daisy's mind control can be broken, which further slows them down.

The group finally arrives at the ritual site on the night of the full moon, to find Daisy harnessing Marina's powers to revive her mother. As the group plans to stop the ritual, it's revealed in a shocking twist that Elizabeth has been planning to harness Marina's powers for herself so she can become all-powerful. She frees Bass, who is still under Daisy’s control, which causes chaos to break loose.

Blair attempts to hold off both Elizabeth and Bass with her powers, which causes a strain on her own energy. Jasper and Selene, however, manage to team up and defeat Daisy. Jasper, with his love enchantment powers, realizes he is immune to Daisy’s mind control and thus overpowers her with his own mind. This causes enough of a distraction for Selene to drive a stake made of light through Daisy’s heart, killing her. This causes her control over Bass to break, so he ends up turning his powers on Elizabeth and burning her hands, which renders her own powers useless. With the ritual almost over, Marina manages to regain her energy and destroy Daisy's mother before she can be revived.

The movie ends with Jasper, Selene, Bass, Blair and Marina walking off, while Elizabeth watches them from afar with hate in her eyes.

☆ AVAN JOGIA as Jasper Lovelace ( Hunty)
☆ DUA LIPA as Selene Titania ( spinfur)
☆ LEE SUN-MI as Elizabeth Rose ( turkeylover)
☆ LUCIEN LAVISCOUNT as Bass Riverton ( Neme91)
☆ MARIE AVGEROPOULOS as Blair Dubois ( SennaRichards)


☆ MIA GOTH as Daisy Harlow ( nateclove)


☆ TAYLOR SWIFT as Marina Blackwood ( tswiftlover13)

This blog is for the third combined challenge & photoshoot of the Next Top Model, Cycle 17: Celebrity Showdown, for an in depth character analysis, go through here:


We look so hot bestie
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We look great :)
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