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  1. <3
  2. when survivor ends im leaving the site
  3. support in stars
  4. Friends before Wins
  5. why do people think....
  6. its just a game..
  7. loyal to the end.
  8. can someone explain to me...
  9. jenzie is hot
  10. honesty is the most important
  11. who thinks wade is intimidated by alvino? + if u..
  12. lets keep things civil folks. squirrels love..
  13. she's awesome
  14. tbh. pyn
  15. love u <3
  16. Wade is the best
  17. girlfriend
  18. I think zoo is my new numbers
  19. sorry for not noticing you <3
  20. its hard being around friends who think the worst..
  21. awww i get to hold deanna's hand trending
  22. Hi im a.....
  23. Lit Call
  24. Gay ^
  25. me when i got blocked on everything for.....
  26. I'm quiting if numbers is gone
  27. Feeling dizzy and weak. Temp over 100
  28. ily mercedes and i haven't made fun of you all day..
  29. me when i miss the frooks.....
  30. Call was lit.. well not really I'm sick and can..
  31. She's sweet
  32. wadedaddy6
  33. he is a great guy ladies hit him up
  34. biggest player on the site
  35. sleep :P
  36. babes #oncall
  37. #gay
  38. jealous much eric?
  39. im the only steve.......
  40. #packagedeal

she's nice....

Aug 11, 2016 by trickdaddy6
how did i forget playing with her. #bald


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