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Big Brother House Ranking #10

Jul 12, 2018 by tomhartnell
imageNow it's getting down to the nitty gritty, we're in the top 10 houses in BBUS history.
In the past I ranked houses based on twist relevance as well as design. And starting the top ten I'm ranking a house that was home to some of Big Brother's greatest moments, and the home to one of the craziest twists. Big Brother 14

The crazy twist was a game changing twist that has been replicated, but not really duplicated, due to the fact that the name power of the houseguests involved can never fully be done to it's potential again. The Mentor's twist was shocking and indeed crazy; with a convoluted mess of a pregame, that led to a huge game during the meat of the season. Seeing Janelle, Boogie, Britney, and Dan back was amazing, but did the twist meet with the potential of the house? I'd say yes, because even though I'm sure something cool could have been done for mentors, I believe that they really could have went all out with any design and it would have been applicable.

BB14's house had a "Tokyo Pop" theme, and the colors and design of the house definitely fit that. But, not only was the house made to look cool. The crazy colors were also set there on purpose. To mess with the houseguests, to create drama, to make it a season worth remembering. And It Was!

Overall this house felt updated, and unlike the previous season, it felt as if they were introducing the past to the future. And ever since Big Brother has truly went all out to make each house have it's own new colorful and all out designs that officially introduced us as fans to the new era of Big Brother. Completely eliminating almost all that was old, with old design patterns, and twists. This season felt like a complete revamp. And for that I've ranked this house in the top 10

Living Room: This Living Room may not be one of my favorites, they didn't do a whole lot with the wall art, but it isn't the lack of what they could of done, it was how they implemented the design of the house. The white walls and the light floor, mixed with the bright pops of color, made for a dramatic room. It's futuristic vibe made it feel like we were introducing the legends into the next stage of Big Brother. And who can forget Dan's funeral? The iconic nature of what went down here, is what makes this Living Room unforgettable, and one we still see today and will for years to come. (And it was 6 years ago)

Kitchen: This was the last time we seen the old kitchen layout from bb6-bb14, what made this room pop was it's neatly done futuristic design elements, and bright pops of color. The Kitchen felt like a space age twist to Big Brother, and to me feels like that last little remnant of what was old, updated to be new.

Arcade: This season's extra room is in my opinion the true highlight of this house. It's my favorite use of this room thus far, and honestly the main reason why I rank it so high. It had a yellow and teal color scheme, which may have been bright, but was offset by the dark walls, that made it bearable to watch. The Couch design wrapped around the back, which left room for many houseguests to sit in, but not only that there were a couple extra black chairs that were in the room for variety. And all of that was emphasized with the crane machine. A fun game that was implemented in twists and other challenges throughout the season. This room was the best use, not only because of the cool design, but also because of its relevance to the game.

Bathroom: I LOVE this bathroom, it felt like you were being sucked into an old school arcade game, the room had dark blue walls that had 8-bit designs all over, just like it was a game within a game. The lounge area was orange and white, with an abstract design that was useful to multiple houseguests at the same time, which meant that more people could congregate in the bathroom at the same time.

Headphone Room: This room looks painful, but brilliant at the same time. The room featured 3 beds shaped to look like headphones. Had headphones and woofers all over the room as design elements, and even had a Godzilla statue. The room popped in more ways than one. And it could have easily been the have not room, but We'll get to that!

Kicks Room: This room looked like a shoe store, it was neat, a little odd, but wonderful. The design of the room was awesome, it looked like something a young boy would want to have as his bedroom. And the use of blues and whites, made this room pop as well.

The Bird Room: Okay so you probably don't remember it, but if you go to my site you'll see the screencaps I made for it. It's a damn shame this room didn't get more airtime, but it did host the first scene of Britney and Janelle coming together (and here's to hoping they win the amazing race) This room was subtle compared to the other rooms in the house. It had light and dark purple vertical lines, and pretty little bird cages all over, as well as some very comfy looking beds. This room was a work of art and I'm pissed that there weren't any press photos of it.

The Have Not Room: I LOVE THIS and I also Hate this. It's very uncomfortable, it's very harsh, it hosted Dan's sequester punishment. This Room was very hard to look at, but it was perfect, due to the fact that it had all what a have not room should. Gone was the ugly ass padded cell, and here was a room that could actually drive people crazy, the beds were curved, and also askew so that it didn't matter which direction you were sleeping in, you were uncomfortable. And with a hard surface to lay on, it made it extra hard to get a good night's sleep. And when they woke up, they were waking up to a hypnotizing spiral design, that made it even more punishing. It was fun watching the houseguests suffer in this room. And for that it's one of my top Have Not Rooms.

Backyard: This was basic, but it was colorful. They added pops of color to the yard that made it inviting, and a nice zen design on the back wall made it an inviting escape to the craziness of the house.

Balcony: I LOVED This balcony, they had a brightly colored skyline that looked as if it came out of a comic book, it was highlighted by the giant chess board that looked like something out of a cool toy store.

HOH Room: This was one of my favorite HOH rooms ever, and because of the twist there was an addition. This room had an Elegant Japanese inspired design, and they kept the bed in the corner of the room, which has been a staple (other than 17) Adding more room to the HOH room, meant they could do more with the space. The headboard was beautiful. It was a banzai tree with little round lightbulbs that made it look like there were fireflies living in the tree. This room had purple furniture, and off white walls, with abstract patterns that weren't crazy, but elegant. This room was beautiful, and a true escape from the crazy house; something fitting for the head of house.



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that was a house alright!
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