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Big Brother House Ranking #11

Jul 10, 2018 by tomhartnell
imageI'm Back! Okay so I apologize for being gone so long, but now that the 4th of July Festivities are over, I can finish this ranking!

It's time to start with the house that started it all; well at least in Studio 18. This house was grand, it was beautiful, and it fit the theme. For the first and only time Big Brother opened house in a new studio. That's Right BB6

BB6 perfectly encapsulated the theme and twist of the season, The Summer of Secrets was in full effect and the house itself had more secrets than ever. Hidden rooms, challenges within the walls, and the 2nd story loft complete with a brand new HOH room concept brought everything full circle. So let's delve into one of my personal favorites

Living Room: This room was beautiful, it was HUGE! The second story added space to this room like no other, and for the first time they made use of that space with a huge woven metal wallpiece. The room had a contemporary feel with a blue, orange, and green color scheme. The couches were bright Orange futons (Because of the 1 bedroom We'll get to that) And the nomination couches were baby blue. The adjoining wall had a gray shale design with a couple olive green poufs thrown in there to complete the furniture. As well as a round metal coffee table that had coasters which actually turned into a minigame the houseguests played.

The Entrance: They took the fish tank concept from BB5 and added the fishtank with a new coat of paint to the entrance area, it was red

The Kitchen: this season's kitchen was awesome, it was modern, it was fun. Red Cabinetry, a funky floor pattern, and blue countertops made this room colorful to say the least.

The Dining Area: I LOVE this modern dining theme, the wall was funky, and fit the whole vibe. With little pieces pinched out of the wall it felt 3D and the multi colored dining chairs added a fitting touch to this fun kitchen and dining area

The Gym: One of the secrets of the house was an extra room that they had to unlock. Oh how I long for the days when the houseguests had to win competitions to unlock parts of the house like the Hot Tub and the Gym. This Gym was bright red with an orange door. Not a whole lot of design, but the way it was used made for great tv

The Bathroom: Multi colored tile wrapped around the walls, 2 stainless steel stool sinks, and two black chairs in the seating area made this bathroom awesome. Gone was the old shower that looked like a cheap trailer house shower, and in was a new large shower big enough to fit multiple houseguests, and with two separate shower heads; more houseguests could get clean at the same time.

The Bedroom: Okay so BB ditched the concept of multiple bedrooms (or did they?) They went with one large bedroom that was split into two different areas, one side was fitted with cots and made to look like a New York Subway station and the other side of the room had multiple colored tiles, and blankets dubbed the Rainbow Bedroom. Both sides were all in one, 10 beds but with 14 houseguests there was bound to be a secret somewhere.

The Secret Gold Room: Also dubbed the Trump Room (lol) The Gold Room was hidden behind a large abstract wall in the main bedroom, and it was revealed to the first HOH through the spyscreen. One of my favorite moments was when Rachel was looking for clues to secretly unlock the special room. This Room was gold, with a very elegant and lush feel. Plush beds, and gold furniture and gold safes made this room look as if it was designed by Donald Trump. *This was 11 years before he became President, so just saying

The Backyard: This backyard was HUGE! They made a giant sized outdoor space for competitions and opened it up fully for the houseguests. The yard featured a foosball table, and abstract furniture fitting in with the contemporary design of the house. Shale wall treatments tied the backyard in with the living room and front door.

The Diary Room: My 2nd Favorite Diary Room design, this abstract wall art made the DR look 3D A F and the pink chair popped with the blue backdrop

The Balcony: For the first time Big Brother changed houses, and added a second floor. This really opened up space for the houseguests. The wall of the balcony had a city skyline and adjoining it was a small table with 3 bar chairs and a clear chessboard so the houseguests could play chess and get a bird's eye view of almost the entire house.

HOH Room: Okay so by today's standards this HOH room is more hotel like, but when it first was revealed it was awesome. It was Brown and Gold with an elegant wall treatment. Bronze accent pieces fitted the room with two large white and brown chairs facing the spy screen. But the best part? The Bathroom! The HOH had something extra and that was privacy, with the extra bathroom, the HOH could enjoy some alone time.

Overall I loved this house, and if it wasn't so dated by today's standards it would have ranked higher for the design alone. I loved how it fitted in with the season's twist. And with all the drama that season had, it was good to have such a large house to fit it all in. BB6 is still one of the best seasons of all time, and the new house was the start to the new feel of the game.


very well thought out
Sent by KrisStory,Jul 10, 2018

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