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Big Brother House Ranking #12

Jul 1, 2018 by tomhartnell
imageSometimes a house can look fresh, sometimes you can see where the copied others. And sometimes it completely changes the floorplan of the Big Brother House. And when that happens it's Amazing.

Big Brother 17:

Okay so this house changed the landscape of the Big Brother House. When they added the balcony floor, they added an extra room essentially. Now, before they had the new addition, they had a balcony that oversaw the entire main part of the house. Kind of like a bird's nest. But when they went with this Vegas inspired theme, they added the plexi glass floor tile to pay homage to the famous Vegas playboy Suite (riskay HAHA)

This season was Vegas inspired, and sometimes when I talk the validity of the product, I point out that they had the Vegas backdrop to the game of Vanessa Rousso. It was the perfect setting for her game. And the characters involved also seemed to have their place in the house.

Living Room: This year's living room was awesome, until you really delved deep and wondered to yourself; Why? So the art piece of the season was a metal wave, to go with the other theme which was beach. They had a wood siding wallpaper as the backdrop and blue couches and chairs, and an orange couch on the other side. I struggle to understand why they went with wallpaper instead of actual wood siding? The last season they had a tree carving, and it was EPIC. But, this irritated me to no end.

Kitchen: This kitchen is my least favorite in Studio 18. They went with the transparency theme as well, and used that in the design. However, This room looked very uncomfortable. the center island was a combination of different pieces sticking out, and it looked sharp. And not the good kind of sophisticated sharp. It looked like people would bump into things, and potentially get hurt. This room bothers me

Beach Room: This room was colorful to say the least. They had a big chair themed to look like a hammock, and beach towels on the walls. Complete with a sand castle. Then they replaced the hammock chair with a normal couch. Why? Well, they didn't think this design through. The houseguests when they would lay in the hammock chair, the camera was directed right up their crotch, and up their skirts. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA Dumb ass LOL!

Bathroom: Another room I didn't like all too well. It looked like I would cut myself walking in there. The seating looks uncomfortable, and the room is bare. I get they wanted to go with a theme, but Me No Like

Balcony: YES! They did it, They made another room! YAY! They made a see through bridge that nobody wants to sit on because they'll be seen and it will be awkward. They gave them clear furniture. Okay so maybe it wasn't a great idea, but it changed the house. And this area since has been a complete upgrade. Seeing the cool new lounges that give people room to move and feel less cramped has actually done something for that space. In fact Swaggy and Bayleigh's showmance is highlighted up there. The design was flawed, but the idea was game changing.

Seahorse Suite: OH I LOVE THIS ROOM! It's so Feminine, and charming. If I was a room, i'd want to date this room. So beautiful. This was a real work of art, and the nicest people stayed there. James and Meg's little showmance, and Clelli. I love the silver look with the pink and purple accents. It's really charming, and if I was a girl I'd want this room.

Comic Room: OOOOH YEAH! The Macho man would DIG this room! Lucha Libre masks and a chair design, Comic strips all over the walls, and a rainbow colored floor that merged with the beds. This room was cool. I loved it!

Coral Room: This room was bright, and it was beautiful. It was the more toned down of the three, but they actually put effort into it. The room had a big wave wallpaper on the accent wall, and a coral print on the wallpaper around, medium brown wood for the beds and dressers. This was a very nice room, the more masculine version of the room before and the more feminine version of the wrestling room. They made a middle ground between both sides. And that was nice, the only thing that sucked was that it only lasted a couple weeks and then :(

The Have Not Room: Bummer! So they had a dentist, and they gave him an office. The wave was replaced with an x-ray of teeth, and the rest of the room was blue with a blue floor. Dentist chairs for beds.This room was dark, it was boring, it was a drag to see such a nice room go. DAMMIT

Backyard: This area had some new furniture and a big sand castle, overall the designs were nice but again, the backyards suuuuuuuuccccccccccccck

HOH Room: Okay so they went back to the original lay out, but still kept the couch. They removed a wall and created a partition. Great! I love that they did that. The room itself was alright, they went with the being in the clouds look. Kind of like a Vegas suite. It wasn't special But they kept the plexi glass floor. I honestly was impressed in BB5, this time not that much. Other than the partition.
2nd HOH Room: This had a minibar. it was like a sunset vs the clouds. It was nice, but nothing special



If you could get CBS to let loose of some money, that would be a great Big Brother House!
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