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My Favorite Big Brother Contestant

Jul 1, 2018 by tomhartnell
imageAmy Crews: If Danielle is the Queen of BB3; Amy is the Princess. This Southern Belle came in with a Scarlet O'Hara type personality. We quickly realized that Amy was the character of the season. Her partnership with Marcellas was one that broke ground in early 2000s televison. It was still a time where you wouldn't see a whole lot of black and white partnerships, especially one that seemed so real and genuine like Amy and Marci, it was like watching Designer Women.

I LOVE BB3 so much. Amy's attitude was hilarious. She was nominated almost every week in the house and was only outdone because her season only had 13 houseguests. Amy ate cheese and drank all summer.
My favorite scenes:

In the first Food competition, the houseguests had to stay in birds nests with bags of food. Amy has a 6 pack of beer, Amy drinks the 6 pack of beer, Amy has to pee, Amy jumps out of the competition so she can pee

Amy Refers to Chiara as Key Whora

Amy gets drunk. Marcellas tries to get her to stop for the rest of the night. Amy tries to argue with him. Amy goes inside to Jason and starts begging for his beer, but tells him not to talk loud cause Marcellas doesn't like that. Marcellas comes in L M A O

They're making gnomes, and some have booze, but someone else gets the beer, Amy chases them to get the beer.


Honorable mention:
Amy's interview on Big Brother All Stars
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