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Big Brother House Ranking #13

Jun 30, 2018 by tomhartnell
In my last two posts I spoke about the missed opportunity that was Big Brother 11. How they could have made an epic house that fit the theme. Now let's talk about another missed opportunity shall we?

This missed opportunity isn't so much as one that missed the boat on the twist of the season, because honestly the twist could have used any house. This missed opportunity I blame all on the production design of the house. Now this isn't a horrible house by any means, but when you can't figure out which theme you're going to do and then have the entire house represent two themes it looks confusing and makes me ask what the hell Storey was smoking when he designed this house. It seems as if he just threw a bunch of shit on the wall to see what stuck. And some of this house was shit!

Big Brother 13

This season was crossed between two house themes that in my opinion did not mesh very well. They wanted to do inside out, but then got confused and started with a Venice Beach look. It certainly shows, especially in the backyard. You'd think that if you were going to do an inside out theme, that you'd go ALL OUT. But nope, they did just what BBUK7 did and went half and half. Something that still to this day irritates me. This whole house screams FUCK YOU OCD to people who don't even have OCD, but question it because of the way they did shit. Let's delve...

Living Room: I loved LOVED this living room, it was themed to look like a rooftop lounge in New York City. It reminded me of a few episodes of Hey Arnold, when they'd hang on the top of his apartment building. The furniture was an outdoor lounge set. The walls were decorated to look like windows of a city building. And there were hibachi grills on the opposing wall. This room was cool As F

Kitchen: I loved LOVED this kitchen, okay so it didn't completely fit the inside out theme, but I would have been fine with that honestly. They had an industrial kitchen, that had brick walls wrapped around the entire area. The Dining area was made to look like an outdoor round picnic table, with benches in place of chairs. There were a couple bikes that were stationed (BOO) and the memory wall was placed on aluminum siding. This room was amazing IMO

Balcony: The upstairs balcony was beautiful, it was made to look like a park, and even had park benches, a park table, and a tree surrounding the chess area. My only gripe is they didn't have enough space to do much other than play chess... I blame the cast for that tho, they could have done more up there.

Now it's time to gripe

Backyard: This is where I get pissed off seriously, I'm going in the order of inside out to Venice Beach, because I feel the inside out theme was what they should have went all out with, and this area screams YOU FUCKED UP to Scott Storey, and I hope he regrets not going as far as he could have with this.
You think Inside Out; you imagine the outdoor area would be special, but NOPE. For the second year in a row Big Brother majorly disappointed us with their backyard. I'm so sick of the blue wall, I'm sick of the bland basic look of the backyard. I understand they can't have too much back there because of comps, but OMG BB7 had an amazing backyard area, BB8 Did it right. And Studio 12's backyards were awesome. So why in 2011 can't they figure out what the fuck they're doing? Half of the yard has an indoor theme, with living room couches and wallpaper to make it look like they were inside. The rest of the yard was a jumbled mess to blend the colors in with Venice Beach (nobody cares about Venice Beach SORRY NOT SORRY) The ghetto wall in the back with the graffiti could have been so easily implemented inside, and they decided to put it OUTSIDE!?! So It's indoor outdoor outdoor? No sense made, no sense given, this house makes no fucking sense.

NOW Let's talk Venice Beach, because it is the rest of the house
Folded Metal Room: OMG BORING AS HELL! This room had barely any scenes, and the only use we really got out of it, was when Dani and Dom were silently flirting on the live feeds. Other than that, NOTHING.
How I'd fix this: I would have made it look like an actual city building, I would have kept the metal theme, but added windows and buildings for each bed to be placed by. It wouldn't have been pretty, but it would have been better than what we got.

Library Bedroom: I didn't mind that Idea, I thought it was cool that some of the rooms looked like stores and what not, I don't think it completely detracted from the theme. This room was only shown for a couple episodes, but it was neat. Something that was meant to be gone quickly, so it didn't really matter.

Have Not Room: I FUCKING HATE THIS ATROCIOUS MESS! They went with a padded cell, and while the idea is great, they didn't go all out, they went half and half. They kept the rule that the lights would be on all night. GREAT! But then they gave them blindfolds. The beds weren't really uncomfortable, so what's a have not again? In fact Rachel preferred the Have Not room, which is really sad. And the touches that made me hate the room all together. First, The furniture they had as dressers was the end tables from BB12 painted white, What? and Second and most important; Puke Green! A PUKE GREEN FLOOR AND PUKE GREEN TRIM
I would have rather been in a padded cell
How I'd fix it: I'd just go all out with a padded cell, no puke green, no furniture. Make them wear robes like patients and take away their clothes... That would have been fun to see...

Katy Perry Room: Okay I love this room, low key one of my all time favorites. And I feel that it somewhat fit both themes. California obviously fits with the Venice Beach. And The Ice Cream stand and Ice Cream bedding kinda fit with the Inside Out. They could have afforded to keep this room and went both ways.

Bathroom: I love this bathroom, only problem; it doesn't fit either theme. It's not Venice Beach, it's NOT Outdoor. So what is it? Basically just a nice masculine themed bathroom. It was nice, but a sore thumb
How I'd fix it: I would have made it look like they were in a public wash room. I would have had worn brick, and I would have had a bench in place of the seating area. It could have easily fit both themes.

Tarot Lounge: I LOVE THIS ROOM, I HATE THIS ROOM! Both, and here's why. They really thought it would be funny to play with my sanity. Like I said earlier, I'm not OCD, but watching this season I began to question if I was or not. They placed tarot cards on the wall as pictures, but there was one the death card that was placed 3/4 on the brick part of the wall and 1/4 on the wallpaper part... OMG they went over trim, but only did it with one fucking picture, it's not like they made that a theme, they just stuck it there because they didn't have anywhere else for it to go...
What I liked about this room was the rest, in fact I LOVED the rest. The big purple couch was awesome, the old lady in the corner awesome, and the black chairs awesome, and the tile on the floor completed the awesomeness of this room.
But that damn death card man, get it the fuck out!

The HOH Room: O M G I GOT SO FUCKING MAD! They first gave us a really nice HOH room, which they didn't need to change but they did, and what they went with was also awesome and all I kept thinking is WHY DIDN'T THEY DO THIS LAST YEAR? When they had that ugly ass HOH room of BB12? ugh, so the blue room had some really cool light features, and some neat ass chairs. But, what made it epic was the round bed and the wall piece.
Then there was the orange room. They took the awesome wall piece down which sucked, but they kept the round bed. And they added a couch! For the first time the HOH room looked complete. The couch was a much needed addition that has still stuck, but I just wish they would have kept the wall treatment!

I loved this house, I hated this house. I wanted to rank it lower, but the missed opportunity of BB11 not utilizing the twist with the house is why I kept it like this...

Sent by tomhartnell,Jun 30, 2018
Impressive. Very nice.
Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 1, 2018

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