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Big Brother House Ranking #14 Part 2

Jun 30, 2018 by tomhartnell
In the last blog I went over how I would have personally designed the house. I feel like the house didn't match the feel of the season. However, that doesn't mean I dislike the house design, although there are some flaws. In this blog I will focus on the design itself.

The Big Brother 11 House

This house was given a "Green" theme; basically in 2009 the big trend was "going green" A movement that became popularized after Al Gore's documentary, the whole country started to take steps in helping the planet. And even started implementing it into their interior design. Using recycled material, and things that could be used multiple times.

Living Room: This living room was cool, it had a really neat modern feel with bright purple furniture and lime green nomination chairs to offset the brown walls and floor. The wall had a bunch of plastic plants hanging above the diary room, and looked quite neat.

Kitchen: This house also had a SoCal aesthetic, and they wanted to pay tribute to different elements of SoCal (Southern California) the first was in the Kitchen and Dining area. They went with a Pacific Rim theme, that had an Asian Fusion. there was fung shui in this room, and it also had green features like recycling bins that worked well with the green theme.

Spa: This room was neat. They had BUBBLE WRAP wallpaper! OMG I would have had so much fun, I would have ruined that room in one day guarantee! And the other wall had recycled cans and bottles. There was a daybed and 2 bicycles that operated a light bulb. My only gripe with this room is that they didn't implement the bikes in challenges or really at all during the season.

Bathroom: They used recycled shipping containers as wallpaper. That was awesome! It was Orange (this season's accent color, orange and purple) And had a masculine design. Plus with the have nots twist they were also able to cut down water and electric costs by punishing the have nots to take cold showers.

Balcony: The balcony of this season was awesome, and it's a DAMN SHAME it wasn't explained during the house tour and even worse that they didn't spend a whole lot of time up there. But, least we not forget Ronnie standing on stage on the balcony being EXPOSED! HAHAHA! I loved that moment. But let's delve into the room. The balcony was themed to look like the pier. There were pictures of ferris wheels and other rides on the pier, and the floor was made with real wood from the boardwalk! SERIOUSLY HOW DO YOU NOT MENTION THAT JULIE CHEN! I guess we can blame it on the pregnancy. :(

VIP Suite: This was the most beautiful bedroom in Big Brother History CHANGE MY MIND! If I could bring 1 room back, this would be it. Red velvet (it didn't match the green theme but oh well) And throne looking beds. The room was fit for a queen, and luckily this room was host to the most iconic moment of the season, the moment Queen Chima Simone was expelled from the Big Brother House; I still remember Queen Chima laying in her throne being called into the Diary Room to respond "I'm not coming to the Diary Room" Just to be called out by Ali G... OMG ICONIC This Room is Big Brother 11

Pool Room: Not Billiard Room, POOL Room! This was the other ICONIC room of the house, but for a very different reason. This room was the room where Jeff and Jordan fell in love!  Now let's discuss this iconic room, and what makes it one of the coolest rooms in big brother history. It was weird honestly, but they wanted to have it be the middle ground between the luxurious VIP Suite and the Have Nots. Until they realized it wouldn't exactly work with inflatable blankets haha. The room was made to look like you were in the bottom of a pool. With ropes across the ceiling, and tile all around the room, and a blue slide adorning the corner, steps in the other corner, and a ladder in the middle. This Room had inflatable pool furniture as bedding, which worked for a day. And the iconic Rubber Duckie. And blue cabinets. It was weird, it was tacky, but it was PERFECT!

VIP Lounge: Okay so the VIP suite was the first bedroom which was home to Queen Chima and King Kevin. But, least we not forget the VIP Lounge which was the masculine version of the VIP Suite. Large wooden headboards and leather furniture made this room look like a Gentlemen's club of the 20s. It was quite handsome.

Have Not Room: Cold, Bleak, one metal bed, and a metal wall and floor. That was it. This was a true punishment room. And it worked well, however that's about it.

Backyard: It was basic, the colors were cool, browns and oranges, but overall it was a normal backyard. It had a little garden and grill so cool

HOH Room: This room was amazing, the giant bed and the amazing round leather chair were amazing. The headboard was a waterfall feature, that trickled, and the side wall was a giant picture of SoCal. It was So Cal in a nutshell.
HOH Bathroom: This went with the SoCal theme, and was awesome. There was a surf board, and dark browns mixed with light browns. It looked like you walked right into Holister honestly! HAHA!

I loved that house. I know I wouldn't have done it for BB11. But, it would have been perfect for BB12. They could have used the punishment room to it's full capability with the saboteur. And with BB12 ending up being a basic season, the design could have worked well for a season that didn't really need a wacky design. BB11 House > BB12 House CHANGE MY MIND NO YOU CAN'T Because BB12's house was ugly and BB11's was beautiful, or ICONIC

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