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Big Brother House Ranking #15

Jun 30, 2018 by tomhartnell
imageDo Not Assume was the motto, and in my opinion the whole series was a work of art
I could go on about The Queens Nakomis and Diane, The REAL Twin Twist, MAAAAAAAAAAAARVIN, or even the destruction of The 4 Horsemen. But this is about the house and the house was a work of art
It was the last season to film in the original studio (Studio12?) And honestly, how could you top what they did? They had to move out of that studio, and the studio is the sole reason this house isn't ranked up higher.  Big Brother 5 has serious nostalgia vibes with me because it was the season that hooked me. But even nostalgia can't negate the fact that this was one of the most beautiful houses in the show's history.

Also, if you want to follow along and share your opinions here's a link to the full house pics

Living Room: I start with the living room, because it is the main room on the show. This season's living room was Bomb! The Asian Fusion inspired furniture, and the Art Nouveau inspired accents made this living room amazing. For the first time they mixed the colors well, accents and simplicity combined to make for an amazing room. The only problem I have, is some of the houseguests were a little big for the furniture, we seen Maaaarvin having to sit on the corner spread legs to fit (because MAAARVIN is not a small guy)

Kitchen: For the first time they had a full kitchen. And with stainless steel being the design trend for kitchens starting in that time frame, it felt like they finally figured out what they needed to do all along. It was beautiful, the beautiful blue dishes mixed well with the steel backdrop.

Dining: Okay, so I have a couple gripes about this house. The Dining area is one of them. It kind of felt a little out of place with the rest of the house. The office ware was not totally my cup of tea, but the lime green wall was pretty.

Lounge Area: Okay, so I didn't really touch on the lounge area, mainly because it's just there. But in season 5 it was THERE! They added the huge ass fishtank which became a staple ever since, but it's not just that, the chess board was amazing! The pieces were orange and green crystal and they fit the funky vibe very well!

Bathroom: This funky room was brilliant. It hosted some amazingly cringe worthy yet unforgettable scenes between that season's first showmance. But the design was great! It was blue done right! I loved the see through chairs, and the bathtub had a curtain for privacy, which meant people could use it without being seen by the other HG's

Cloud Room: Okay, so I feel a little guilty to say this, but I adored the cloud room, it was unique. I loved how everything meshed together, and the clear chairs became invisible, so it looked like they were actually sitting and sleeping in the clouds.

Cabin Room: I love the look of the cabin room, it looks so comfortable. It was beautiful. But I do have a problem. The room was so small we never got to see it utilized the way it could have been. It was cramped looking. And although first glances was my favorite of the bedrooms, later on during the show I realized I wasn't a huge fan.

Concrete Jungle: Okay so this is worse than any of the have not rooms minus that nasty ass BB12 room. And it wasn't even a have not room! I thought it was neat, but looked so uncomfortable, and nobody liked even being there until it became the gym. When it was the gym tho, it worked!

HOH Room: This HOH room was beautiful, the Moroccan design fit, and it was the first HOH room to implement the spy screen. However, all that aside, they used the old Diary Room to design the bedroom, and it showed because this room was another cramped space. The feeds and scenes couldn't even get a decent shot no matter what angle the houseguests were sitting in.

Diary Room: BB5 HAD THE BEST DIARY ROOM OF ALL TIME REGARDLESS OF WHAT COUNTRY YOU LIVE IN: CHANGE MY MIND. It was funky, It was cool, It looked like it came out of 90s Toys R Us. and I was 12 at the time, so I loved the room! It was purple and orange, and looked like a living creature. It was amazing! And if they ever do a season where they bring rooms back, They better bring back the Diary Room of BB5, no other will ever compare CHANGE MY MIND!

Backyard: The Coup De Gras of this season was the yard. It was beautiful! it was given a Malibu theme, and had a fucking putting green! A PUTTING GREEN! An element they haven't brought back; and the putting green served great for some of the challenges too! I love this backyard, it's the best in show history! CHANGE MY MIND

Overall this house was amazing, and my only problem is the problem I have with the studio in general, the cramped spaces were an eyesore. There was a lot of drama that season, and having such a small house I'm sure there's a little of that into it... But I wouldn't have had it any other way. BB5 was A Masterpiece. And the design of the house fit the season. Too bad it wasn't in Studio 18, it would have been bomb!

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