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Big Brother House Ranking #17

Jun 29, 2018 by tomhartnell
imageAlright, now that I've got the Basic houses out of the way, and the house I hate; it's now time to reveal the houses I've ranked subjectively due to what they had vs what they lacked.

Let's go back to the original studio shall we? The year was 2003, the theme was X Factor; Big Brother 4.

This house was beautiful, it had a retro aesthetic which fit really well with the energetic cast they put in the house. The reason I have it ranked so low is because again it was in the original studio; which was small, and I don't feel it was better than it's predecessor.

If you want to see for yourself (sorry I lost the bathroom pics, which was the best room tbh)!portfolio

Living Room: The living room was awesome, it had a retro fitting to it, the round couches were great. The only problem it really had was that it wasn't big enough to fit the whole cast on the couches, the early episodes seen people sitting on pillows, and that became cumbersome to see.

Kitchen: FINALLY they got a real stove. I can't emphasize how ugly that stove they had in the original seasons was. But the kitchen I don't feel had much going for it other than the new stove. It was meh?

Dining Room: What in the Blue Hell? Literally as it was Blue, but what in the BLUE HELL are beach towels doing up on the wall as a design feature? Who was dropping acid the day they made this house? and that idea followed to the

Diary Room: By far one of my least favorite diary rooms, because again what in the BLUE HELL was hanging on the wall? Why are there random beach towels on the wall? They make no sense.

Bubble Bedroom: This was cute, they had the single beds with a cute girly blue bubble design, basic but effective enough to be original and efficient.

Double Beds Bedroom: I liked the fun shui aspect of the bedroom, the little plants that made it work. And the double beds did lead to some double drama

Desert Room: Okay, so back then they didn't have have-nots, but they did have a bedroom that was always meant as a punishment. This year they had the desert room. burlap beds, a desert wall wrapped around the room, and TURTLES! I loved this room, it was fun to watch. I was pissed when they shut it down mid season

Bathroom: I love this bathroom, it was the first to offer a bathtub, and it was really pretty. The calming green I love, and the orange touches made this room fit

HOH: It was very interesting to say the least, it had some futuristic retro mixture, the gray walls were done well, the orange accents, and the round bed which became the first bed people had sex in on big brother us. I loved it

Overall I love this house, just sucks it was so damn small. could you imagine what Studio 18 would look like with these designs?



loving this
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