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Big Brother House Ranking #19

Jun 29, 2018 by tomhartnell
imageI will first address that even though I feel some of the design elements from the older houses are better than some of Studio 18, I am ranking all of Studio 18's above the original, Why? Well Bugs, the original studio was comprised of old trailer houses that they put together to build the house at the beginning. And 2 stories are always better than 1.

Let's get to #19 shall we?
Another house I'm ranking low because of it's basic nature; and, although this house had some beauty, there are elements that I can't look past.
Big Brother 2; Allison Grodner and Arnold Shapiro were brought in due to the success of Survivor, CBS still wanted to give the show a try. They Changed format and the house to fit.

Let's explore each room shall we?
If you want to take a look while you read here is my link for the Big Brother 2 house

Living Room: This season brought some life into the house, and fully designed the living room, it was beautiful, contemporary, and very sleek. This room had elements of real design and is still one of my favorite living rooms

Kitchen and Dining: BB2's kitchen was basic, it had some nice touches like stainless steel cabinetry, and a nice center island, but the 2 burner stove and the other small appliances made the kitchen very basic, for the first time we seen the iconic lazy susan table, which was really nice, but dated to today's standards.

Bathroom: The BB2 bathroom was basic, they had one touch of color and 2 gray chairs... That's about it

Bedrooms: Now the bedrooms had a nice early 2000's design elements, and the concept of each bed being different was cool, but there was a lack of design in the rooms, and felt like they just threw beds in there to have enough beds for the houseguests.

Backyard: We had a HOT TUB! But the backyard was very bland and basic, they took away the chicken coop in exchange for a Basketball court, but then they took away the basketball? I guess it was there? LOL

Diary Room: BB2's Diary Room was one of my favorite DR's of all time, it had a real cool design, and I believe that it made other editions take note, because they seemed to follow suit!

HOH Room: It was the first. It was okay. It was basic, but had a nice chair. The image of Boogie with the ladies will always be burned into my head. But, like I said doesn't hold up to today's standards.

In Conclusion, BB2 had a nice house, but Doesn't hold up to the standards that followed.

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