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Y'all Realize

Jun 28, 2018 by tomhartnell
Big Brother is pre determined like WWE

They feed scripts to them in the Diary room and during lockdowns. They are all taught improv before entering the house, and the stories are written months before they even start the show...
I think it started during Big Brother All Stars, the last season Shapiro was producer

Find it suspicious how
Both ChillTown members became winners
Evel Dick reconnected with his daughter and won because he was a devoted father
Adam was the only cast member not to start fights, and was stuck with the old lady who he screwed for his "BOY"
Dan worked his way from the bottom to win with a unanimous vote, then came in as the coach who destroyed all but one of his students?
Jordan won after a season where she lost all her allies and was helped by the man she eventually married?
The Brigade became the first true alliance to dominate?
Rachel had the redemption storyline which helped her win?
Andy won by flying under the radar in a season of shitstains?
Derrick's Entire Game?
Vanessa dominated until the final 3 when she lost the final comp and Steve won by eliminating the beast?
Nicole made a comeback after being beloved by her fans?
Paul came up short 2 seasons in a row, and even after having the whole house follow him like a messiah?

Big Brother is the WWE of Reality TV!


actually BB13 was rigged
Sent by _Adidas_,Jun 28, 2018
_Adidas_ They all were lol, just like all the undertaker's wrestlemania matches were rigged for him to win
Sent by tomhartnell,Jun 28, 2018

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