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Michael Jackson showed signs of child abuse

Jun 27, 2018 by tomhartnell
I believe MJ did get a little inappropriate with those kids. That doesn't mean he was a monster though. I personally know people who were abused as children, and they aren't monsters they're just damaged. MJ was damaged, I believe that he found comfort in children because he was cheated out of having a childhood, and when that happens you don't adjust well.

My dad died when I was 12, and I was involved with a few abusive situations, and I honestly have a hard time acting like a normal adult. I'm not creepy in any sense, but there are social norms that I don't pick up on. And it's because of what I went through.

When MJ was abused as a child by his father, he never got the chance to be a child, he never got to be normal. And he made friends with young kids, and he talked like a normal person to them. When I was a kid my parents always knew if my friends would talk inappropriate around me, because kids like to talk, especially about their friends. I don't believe MJ was a child predator or molester, but I'm sure the kids he befriended probably told their parents everything they did together... And if you were a parent, you'd probably press charges too.

Some adults don't get to become adults until they are in their 30s or 40s, in fact some situations, the PTSD and abuse can cause so much damage to the brain that it can make you mentally retarded.

It happens.

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