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Survivor Fans are RACIST

May 26, 2018 by tomhartnell
Timster I specifically want your opinion on my frustration...
First you fuckers on POS and Whispers bitching about how this game ended because Laurel got to vote... Okay fuck y'all, i don't want a public vote amd Wendell would have won anyway, I think you're just bitching because a black man won.
And then calling Laurel a goat... OMG
Phillip is a fucking goat, Twila was a goat. They were not respected as people or players by the jury. Laurel had friends. There was just no way she could have won against wendell or dom. If she Had the opportunity to take them out she probably would have, but she knew about their advantages, which was absolutely unfair that they gave out so many. I get the Gost Island ones, but HII at camp was bullshit.
Laurel played similar to Monica because she was locked. She was fucked when she made the alliance and when navitis stupid alliance got back together, and had a worse position with them than she would have with the others

She was a kingmaker... Which isn't bad, just sad for hwr because she didn't get that opportunity to win that her male counterparts did


Hm I don't think people are upset about Wendell winning but I did see idiots on twitter (and Survivorsucks lol) saying she only voted Wendell for being black which of course annoyed me + Desi voted Dom anyways but whatever those people are idiots and aren't worth arguing with.

And I agree with Laurel's game. People drag her unnecessarily because they root for the underdogs. But she could've pulled a Sophie. I also agree with how Sabrina played One World. Sometimes the jury is extremely bitter against the ones pulling the strings so if in the right season with the right jury Laurel would've won the game so I don't see the problem with her taking that chance of going to the end with them. You can't win if you don't even make FTC. Sophie got praised for it because she won, Monica played the same game and is loved on this site, so I don't get the Laurel hate. *shrugs*

Sent by Timster,May 26, 2018

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