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I don't want All Stars

May 23, 2018 by tomhartnell
I want a Second Chance Season
No offence, and I do like Jeff, but do we need to see him fuck up another season? Do we Need to see Rachel play again? And NOBODY want's to see that little bearded troll
I'd like to see people who deserve a return, but didn't play a necessarily "All Star" Game and some who got ousted way too early like Cameron, Jodi, (not glenn :() ...
People like...

Kalia who got screwed over by being forced to lay low half of the game because the all stars had to duke it out and she was in a position where if she tried to make an early move she'd be ousted, but came into her own after Dani took her under her wings after Brendan was a douche

Porsche Who had a very similar situation, however she was fucked because she was safe half the game, and had no game to play until the individual portion

Danielle who fell under Dan's Mist, and needs to fix her reputation

Wil (Ain't nobody got time for 2 l's)Because he's funny, and he didn't get a chance to play because of a dumb twist and being vulnerable to the anti-Janelle squad

Enzo Who created a great alliance, but created it with 2 people who he had no chance against

Matt Who was literally the brain of Season 12

Annie Who got fucked over by a bad twist, and being put in a role she had no chance of winning in... I love Annie and she deserves a chance to show her true skills of playing the game

Monet who was Rachel's first victim

Christine Who got too much backlash due to her friendship with Cody, and her desire to take Donny out (And honestly she was the only one other than Derrick who recognized Donny's threat level and attacked)

Donny Who is a fan favorite, and deserves a spot just because he's Donny, and he's a silent beast. Ultimate Dark Horse

Cody The Woo of Big Brother, he deserves a second shot just based on the fact that he has to repair his reputation for taking Derrick to the End over Victoria

Johnny Mac Who was another fan favorite, who's confessionals would bring us joy

Jen Johnson who was the victim of Evel Dick and Dani's reign of terror

Keesha who honestly did all of Dan and Memphis' dirty work, and got fucked because Memphis was a fuckboy

Libra who had enough guts to fight, and even though it took her out. 10 years later I know she'd play a very smart game plus she's like hot now

Casey who got fucked by Jessie's crazy alliance

Kevin who was the silent deadly player that would have won if Jordo didn't win the final HOH

McCrae who has to repair his reputation, he needs to go from Darlene Connor's David to the player we all know he could be

Elissa Okay so I said I didn't want to see Rach play again, but that's cause she won, Elissa was put in a very awkward situation with a horrible group of people to live with, being called Cunt and whore, CBS owes her an apology, and casting her in that type of season would be great, because she wasn't half bad

Austin because he's such a dick we need someone to hate

Bridgett Someone that was underrated due to another bad twist, someone that could gain a lot from a second chance, a little more seasoned, and someone likable

Cody and Jessica for obvious reasons

And from real early seasons...
Will Mega, the first ever evictee
Britt Petros, who would just be cool to see and probably play a good game
Monica, who literally lost a loved one in the world trade center, just to get voted out a week later
Hardy, who battled Dr.Will and dominated season 2
Amy, who has such an amazing character (however her hubby just came out of the hospital so I doubt she'd return)
Roddy, He's the Devil
Jason Guy said he'd never do it again, but one can wish
Jee, who was the underdog going in and played the best game of all the exes
MAAAARVIN, damn should have been in AS1
Rachel, who was lowkey goddess

Now I didn't mention Frankie Grande or Vanessa Russo, because they are too far above par everyone on the list, they'd be immediate targets, and I don't want them to taint their reputation, we need lowkey players and these guys would be shue ins for a true All Star season


I definitely agree with second chances, maybe not with this cast though lol
Sent by Amanyaman,May 23, 2018
Amanyaman I wouldn't cast all of these together, but those would be who I'd put into contention
Sent by tomhartnell,May 23, 2018

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