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My opinion: Take it or leave it

May 19, 2018 by tomhartnell
It's extreme, but screw the political bullcrap, get some metal detectors, bullet proof windows, Bullet Proof Doors, and safety shelters in each room, I'm so over hearing about the political ideologies behind Gun Control, it honestly ruins the grieving process, people died, and all I see is cheap ass ways to get your points across, and honestly you'd be surprised to know that your points are only a few words away from sounding the same.

I know that everyone wants to fight, but all this hate mongering is doing is tempting more and more people to create heinous crimes. We as a nation need to mourn the losses, and appreciate the little bit of life every single victim had, because if you focus on ideology, you're creating statistics, and nobody wants to die a statistic, that's not what life is about. Love each other, agree to disagree, and understand that things really aren't going to change any time soon, so instead of focusing on the end goal, we need focus on what we can do to prevent things from happening. Turn the pain from our loss into success for our future, and let these lives mean something.

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