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Empowering Experience

May 1, 2018 by tomhartnell
When I was a teenager I lived with my sister, one of her best friends had 2 kids, one was a hot chick (Who offered me sex for $100 and I was the idiot who refused :( ) and the other was this boy, he was a very nice kid, but had some issues with men, my sister's husband was a redneck and so was her friend's boyfriend... They would make fun of me and him for many reasons... The big thing was homosexuality, because I didn't give my money to the girl (Which I actually was using the money to buy the girl I liked a ring) And he was teased relentlessly because he would get mad, and it came off as funny to them... Anyway I asked him one day if he liked boys, I figured maybe that was the reason that he didn't get along with his mom's boyfriend (because, it was more than just not liking your mom's bae) and he told me he did, and asked me not to tell anyone. And until this point I never shared the story.

A couple years ago he came out of the closet, and I was so proud of that kid, because he was able to accept who he was, and since his mom dumped the POS that she was with, he found comfort in his family, they accepted him, and now he's doing really well. I am writing this because it reminds me of the little things that can have an impact, and even if it didn't impact him, the fact that a child who is struggling with finding who he was, was able to be honest and admit it to me.

I feel that is most empowering, someone felt comfortable enough with me to tell me probably their deepest secret. And he adjusted just perfectly. And I am still and always will be proud of him!


You are a good guy for that He recognized it, which is why he came to you!
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