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My rednose is gone

7thApr 1, 2018 by tomhartnell
I wonder if I can blog again?

That hack fucked my shit, but it was fun to troll around, I hope y'all enjoyed the two designs I got to post. I thought it was funny after it all finished that the hackers got pissed at me for posting "shit designs"

I worked hard on those designs 10 years ago, and they really are works of art, I mean look at what I did with that McDonald's logo! Beautiful!

And People are wearing it, so I must have done something right?

I know it's controversial but I'd like to thank GagaLuv for making me aware of the situation, I had to make sure I didn't have any of my important accounts linked to this POS site. and I also do appreciate the hacking, I mean this website desperately needed that for shit to be brought out, sucks it came at my expense, but I honestly never really cared about T$ and spent almost all of them a couple months ago in auction... I got the chance to play the shops game, and that I'd never thought I could do And whoever did hack me I don't know who you are, but thank you for that opportunity...and **EDIT** KatherinePierce if it wasn't you I do apologize for putting that heat on ya.

The issue isn't that there was a hacking, Tengaged was once a place you could go to and have a little bit of fun on rainy days meeting people all over the world who shared the same interests as you. I've met many great friends, people I actually care for. And without this site I'd never get to meet them. I used to have fun staying up all night long and getting into hilarious skype calls.  I loved creating my troll multi account, and It maybe stupid, but I have fun typing in all caps to piss everyone off.

Years have passed, and I lost interest in the site, I got a job, got a life, lost a ton of weight, and the time I had on this site went away because of other commitments. But I still do have respect for the opportunities I've had by having an account and making friends here. I learned a lot about cultures, and being a poor kid I never thought I'd meet someone from Wales, but I did!

I do have a problem though, and it's got a lot to do with Rando's lazy bullshit, He should have never banned the mod account, he should have fired all the mods and brought new ones in, he should have written a list of rules for mods to follow themselves to keep them from becoming tyrants. He didn't, He gave it up. My problems with this site aren't individuals, I honestly couldn't care less about what people say to me here, or their opinions on who I am. I have a few connections and I do appreciate them, but I'm not active here anymore and many reasons are due to things like that.

I don't feel safe coming to a website that allows children to post pictures of themselves, or to each other. Parents block access to porn sites on their browsers, I had no access to porn when I was a kid, I don't think that the kids here should be able to click Tengaged and be able to access porn while lying to their parents about it because the site's true intention has never been to promote porn, racism, homophobia, sexism, or any negative aspect of life other than the disputes people have voting each other out of games.

I don't care if the site gets shut down, I don't care if Rando goes to jail, or if he just goes back to his couch to wack off. I honestly don't, I just think it's bullshit that I went through all the bullshit I did when I was a noob, to find out that it was all for nothing. I feel like it's bullshit and always has been that children have an easier time communicating with pedophiles here than the do on Omegle. This is bullshit, and if this website does continue, there needs to be some form of moderation to protect people from the evils.

And I'm not calling any porn posters pedophiles. There were many people when I was a noob, and we addressed it here, we didn't use it as a force to fight. Until TMOD users got greedy, they actually took care of it!

It's been a long rant, but I've been through a lot,  and I don't want to see Tengaged go, I didn't know until yesterday there was no moderator. There NEEDS to be a moderator. And There NEEDS to be mod rules as well.

Cut the shit Randomize because if any of my important accounts were hacked because of this, I would have had serious problems, especially due to the fact that I had a hacker a few months ago IRL hack into my facebook and they took my money I needed to get home when I was on vacation. I had to ask my sisters for money which is something I don't like to do.
And remember, Law doesn't always pay off, but Karma always finds a way! Seeing as you gave us a thing called Karma, you should probably pay attention to it!


Sent by Piddu,Apr 1, 2018
honestly though, i didnt hack your account :/
Sent by KatherinePierce,Apr 1, 2018
this should be a top blog
Sent by Philip13,Apr 1, 2018
KatherinePierce I apologize then, I have no clue who did, but it seemed you were taking credit for it. If you know who did, tell them I do appreciate it, and i'm sorry for cussing you out lol.
Sent by tomhartnell,Apr 1, 2018
< 3333
Sent by RawrItsNick,Apr 1, 2018
Ily tomhartnell
Sent by gagaluv,Apr 1, 2018
Sent by me2013,Apr 1, 2018
I loved creating my troll multi account, and It maybe stupid, but I have fun typing in all caps to piss everyone off.

ugh i cant relate to anything more
Sent by Absol,Apr 1, 2018
is this directed at wwemrpeeps
Sent by Carsonl,Apr 1, 2018
Pierce obviously hacked your account. Ignore him
Sent by smuguy2012,Apr 1, 2018
Carsonl No, actually it was a tengager that was on like 5 years ago. he was a teacher, he spread his ass cheeks, sent it to a bunch of kids, met up with a kid from the site, and allegedly manipulated (A KID) into having sex with him
Sent by tomhartnell,Apr 5, 2018

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