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Pokemon Theory

Mar 26, 2018 by tomhartnell
Of course this is for shits and giggles, but what if the reason evolvable objects like the protector, dawn and dusk stone, electrizer haven't made it's way to Kanto yet? Maybe due to certain political conflicts certain items like that are considered.... CONTRABAND? I mean maybe its ILLEGAL! Just Sayin


Mind blown
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Mar 26, 2018
It's probably drugs we don't even know

And Kanto is a place where these drugs are illegal
Sent by coolexchangestudent,Mar 26, 2018
Kanto has that Moon Stone though. Have you seen how Clefairy go for that?? TomHartnell CoolExchangeStudent

(Watch from like 12 minutes in)
Sent by Yoshitomi,Mar 27, 2018

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