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I've Been Officially Diagnosed With ADHD

Feb 8, 2018 by tomhartnell
I've known it for a long time, however my Depression and Anxiety overrode my ADHD a few years ago when I first started seeing psychologists.

I get in trouble a lot at work because I tend to talk about things that I find humorous but others don't... Nothing sexual, mainly I like to ask people about Pokemon and Tellytubbies. I also got into an 8 hour conversation with a 70 year old man about the Wizard of Oz and twerking. He's an old farmer and he's never twerked...

I actually like who I am, but I know that there's something different about me.
My depression has been in remission for years (ever since I lost 180 lbs.) and my anxiety also has seemed to pretty much disappear (I don't give a shit anymore about shit I don't give a shit about lol)

So now that I know the issue, I can work towards it, and get understanding from my co-workers and maybe just maybe be able to get enough help so I can finish and graduate college. I am very smart, but I can't focus on anything of value (other than finding humor in pissing people off)

I will still be a troll though, some things can NEVER change


you've always been a unique and hilarious guy tomhartnell, top respect
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 8, 2018
Hey! If you ever feel like talking about ANYTHING, I am here.
Sent by galore,Feb 8, 2018
I can relate with most of this blog tbh
Sent by Etienne,Feb 8, 2018
so nice to see u blogging miss u tom <3
Sent by marrrss,Feb 8, 2018

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