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BEST reason to vote Johnson

Sep 29, 2016 by tomhartnell
Isn't just because its a vote against both Hilary and Trump, you're helping a third party get national recognition.

Remember the Republican Party was a third party in the election of 1860. Without third parties slavery may still be going today... When Teddy Roosevelt decided to fight the Republicans and take the Progressives out of the party, Wilson won with a small percentage which helped bring in the roaring twenties. And when Ross Perot ran against Bush and Clinton, he pulled enough moderates away from Bush which let Bill come in power.

Third Parties saved this country so many times, and maybe its time for a third party to help again. Remember although, change isn't permanent, CHANGE IS!


Remember although, change isn't permanent, CHANGE IS!
Sent by Rizzo,Sep 29, 2016
Did you hear his mistake last night?
Sent by Kaitx,Sep 29, 2016
kaitx Did he neglect anyone's call for help which resulted in their deaths or threaten to nuke anyone?
Has he threatened to take away any of our rights? Has he threatened to make anyone's lives worse?
I'm not saying he's perfect, but petty bullshit is why we are stuck in the situation we are in now
Sent by tomhartnell,Sep 29, 2016
tomhartnell he couldn't name one foreign leader....... I'm not going to vote for someone who has no fucking clue what he'd be getting into.
Sent by Kaitx,Sep 29, 2016
kaitx that's your moral dilemma then. You're voting against change. You're voting for corruption.  Good luck
Sent by tomhartnell,Sep 29, 2016
tomhartnell we wouldn't be taken seriously if we elected someone who has no idea what is happening in the rest of the world.
Sent by Kaitx,Sep 30, 2016
kaitx well it looks like we aren't going to be taken seriously anyway. At least voting Johnson will save us from losing our allies who hate the other two.
Sent by tomhartnell,Oct 1, 2016

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