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  1. Eric Haarer
  2. Rest In Peace Verne Troyer
  3. What the fuck
  4. Drug Test Me
  5. How is Moist the most disgusting word?
  6. Mods
  7. The site has gotten better
  8. I make Sims Big Brother Houses
  9. If I had a Million Dollars
  10. I got my dog back!!!
  11. I want my dog back
  13. My problem with Snake Mania
  14. My rednose is gone
  15. Hacking Notice
  16. Pokemon Theory
  17. Stoner Wizard of Oz.
  18. Donald Trump
  19. I so wish I was a Survivor Producer
  20. My Problem With Survivor: Ghost Island
  21. It's so lonely
  22. Rest In Peace Pebbles!
  24. I miss Vickie
  25. I love me a good troll
  26. I've been gone so long
  27. I've Been Officially Diagnosed With ADHD
  28. I made a Celebrity Big Brother website
  29. I'm about to go off
  30. It's been 3 years
  31. Here's where Rando fucked up
  32. How They Could Have Made Survivor: Antarctica
  33. I figured out who Chrissy looks like
  34. Dammit Gurl
  35. Clarke Griffin
  36. Awesome Feeling
  37. Happy New Year
  38. Since I haven't been on in a while
  39. Where are the old school playas?
  40. What Happened to Tengaged?

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