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Jan 2, 2018 by tomdudley
Back to talk about the best TV show in UK history!

I’m slightly disappointed in some of the people they have lined up for the series so I’ll go down the line in reverse ranking order.

8th: Maggie - Yes I’m sure she’s a lovey lady and what she did was absolutely spectacular. But.... SHES NOT A FUCKING CELEBRITY!!!!!!! I might sound heartless here but she shouldn’t be on our TV screens at all, she’s not relevant (before anyone in the UK comes for me, yes I am aware there was a TV show made about the whole situation Maggie was involved in last year)

7th: Ashley - Didn’t realise she was on Made in Chelsea tbh I have 0 clue who she is. She seems pretty boring aswell. Oh well.

6th: India - She seems pretty mild atm, she needs to step up her game a little more because I really want to like her.

5th: Malika - I am aware of Malika and I think she’s going to do better than what Jonathan Cheban did in that house. The only reason she’s low is because the other people are just better.

4th: Jess - I watched her on Ex on the Beach (the All Stars season, season 5 I believe) and she seemed so nice and so sweet on there and here she seemed so nice aswell so I’m rooting for her!

3rd: Rachel - There’s something about Rachel that I like. I honestly think she’ll be just like how her dad was in I’m a Celebrity (A British show which everyone needs to watch) and I can’t wait to see what she can do!

2nd: Amanda - ICON! If you don’t know about this woman, let me tell you she can be FEISTY!! She once smacked Gordon Ramsey round the head on a celebrity version of Hell’s Kitchen (or something like that) so you do not want to mess with her!

1st: Ann - ICON ASWELL! This is where we will all be getting our drama from. She will not take no shit from anyone. She will definitely be exactly like how Kim Woodburn was in that house and I can’t wait to see it!

Now onto the men, some of the rumoured people include: Ginuwine (the one who did Pony, which is the Magic Mike song); Jonny Mitchell (Love Island, disgusting human being); Andrew Brady (Apprentice, I have no idea) but we already have our first confirmed male housemate who is.....


He is an amazing person, so funny and just overall a really good person to have in that house. He played football for Liverpool and England and even had his iconic rap verse in a football song here in the UK. I cannot bloody wait!



Ann is homophobic and clearly a bit outdated in her views so that's off putting. I really like Rachel, she's basically a nice version of what Katie Hopkins was in the house. She'll call out something when she needs to but is pretty chill
Sent by Anas,Jan 3, 2018
Anas true, I don’t agree with Ann’s views and opinions but I still think she is a very outspoken and strong headed woman
Sent by tomdudley,Jan 4, 2018
Even though Maggie isn't a celebrity I think she's in there because of the theme. It's celebrating powerful women and Maggie is definitely one!
Sent by __Joseph__,Jan 6, 2018

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