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19thFeb 15, 2016 by tomdudley
PYN for a BRUTALLY honest opinion of you :)

Timberlie - Okay, you are still one of my good friends, but I always have fears that you are using me to get gifts or just talking to me to get something out of me. You are still amazing though :) Just smile :)

Cornelia - I was a bit sceptical when you started talking to me last night, but you seem like a nice person :)

neathery - we have never really spoken, but from blog posts and games that we have played, you seem like a bit of a dickhead.

Illdi - we haven't spoken since you moved accounts, what happened?

JesseM - aw, you have been amazing since we have started talking :)

DumbGinger - we have never spoken before so I can't really comment about you

benp428 - I'm glad we have burnt our bridges etc, but this is for brutal honesty. you are a bit of a cunt. every frookies game you mail me saying "let's slay" when in reality, what are the chances you actually want to work together?

MJFJUNE - Never really spoken so I can't comment about you.

Scrafty - You are a really nice person, but for some reason you just won't speak to me anymore, why? I just want to talk and be friends

Matedog1209 - You are one of my good friends but you can be seriously annoying sometimes

islandsurvivor - Never really spoken so I can't comment about you.

skyler1822 - We have never really spoken but I have the impression that you hate me haha

KingGeek - You are a nice person but you hang around with the wrong group of friends.

mathboy9 - I always feel sceptical about you. You seem like a nice person, but there is always this one thing in the back of my head saying you don't really care and you'll betray me.

koolcoop - I could right such a massive paragraph about you but I will try to keep it short and sweet. You are perfect and nothing but perfect. You are my twinzie and I love you lots :) :*

christossss - We have never really spoken but you seem like a nice guy.

topazisqueen - I know we are the same frat and everything, and I'm sure it's because we have never really spoken before, but you seem like a bit of a dickhead, but I'm sure I'm wrong.

Arris - We haven't properly spoken, but like Skyler, I feel like you hate me or something haha

Yaddddiggz - You seem cool but do I trust you? you align with the wrong people.

peterya - Don't know you well enough to comment about you but you seem cool :)

LovelyKiss - For some reason it's like you crave attention, it's a bit off-putting.

Jarrett - AMAZING! Good ally in frookies aswell :)


magge555550101 - Don't know you well enough to comment but you seem like a nice person :)

maturo - haven't properly spoken but you seem like a bit of a cunt.

cswaggerr - The same as Yadd really

AndrewWeltner - Don't know you well enough to comment.

Tevin1001 - I don't know you well but you seem really nice already :)

brandonrichie - oh well hello cunt :) you wanted a brutally honest opinion so here you go. You are the biggest cunt on this website, you are actually worse than Halloween. You think you have such a good gameplay and social game when in reality you don't and you just get luckily. You attack me for no reason and you think you are better than me, when that is just plain ignorant. bye now bitch :)

1001games - I don't know why the fuck you hate me so much because I never did anything to you.



Sent by Timberlie,Feb 15, 2016
Sent by Cornelia,Feb 15, 2016
Sent by neathery,Feb 15, 2016
Sent by Illdi,Feb 15, 2016
Me TomDudley < 3
Sent by JesseM,Feb 15, 2016
Skeptical why ?!?
Sent by Cornelia,Feb 15, 2016
Sent by DumbGinger,Feb 15, 2016
Cornelia idk, because we haven't spoken before and I was scared you just wanted something hah
Sent by tomdudley,Feb 15, 2016
Sent by benp428,Feb 15, 2016
Sent by MJFJUNE,Feb 15, 2016
Sent by Scrafty,Feb 15, 2016
Me babe.
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tomdudley me
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Sent by maturo,Feb 16, 2016
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Me lol
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