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12thSep 28, 2015 by tomdudley
Well, I am officially a red level. Slowly moving up the tengaged ladder one step at a time :)

I can't believe I first found this site 3 years ago with some really irrelevant accounts ( yoitstitanium, titanium13 & tommy12) and never made it past yellow level. And here I am, standing before you today, as a proud red level. :D

I don't want this to sound sad or anything, but this site honestly means quite a lot to me. I have met some of the most amazing people in the whole entire world on this site and they have honestly had me so much happier as a person. Because tbh, my life outside of tengaged is pretty shit. Not many people at my school like me, I have been shunned out of one friend circle because of a stupid fucking rumour which wasn't true. and I have been bullied in my school life for the past 10 (maybe even more) years of my life.

Now I don't want this to sound like I have no friends outside of tengaged because that is not true, I do have friends outside of tengaged. But the people I have met on here are a hell of a lot nicer. So, I am going to make some special shoutouts to people who have helped me get to where I am today.

silas86 - THANK YOU FOR ACCEPTING ME INTO YOUR FRAT. I was one of the first people to join the heartbreakers and it is one of the best frats with some of the best and most perfect people in the world, including you Silas. You are such a kind hearted person and one of the most amazing people on this site, so I just want to say thank you. < 3 :)

dandoe - MY BRITISH BITCH, I LOVE YOU. You are honestly so amazing and you are the reason that I am part of an amazing group of friends :D I am so proud of you for making it into stars and just being one of the best people ever! :D < 3

kyoot - You. I fucking love you. I love you to the moon and back. You are seriously one of the most perfect and most amazing people in the whole entire world. You have absolutely no flaws and you have been nothing but sweet to me. Thank you so much :) < 3

nicknack - Hun, I love you. You have been there for me and you have helped me through a lot and you are just a sweet person. You are amazing and all I can say is thank you :) < 3

C_Shizz96 - CHRISTOPHER, YOU ARE FUCKING AMAZING. You make me laugh so much and although we have only gotten closer in recent times, you are absolutely hilarious and amazing so all I can say is thank you. Thank you soooo much :) < 3

FlamingJojo - I MISS YOU HUN. :( You are so sweet and have such a kind hearted soul. I have missed you in recent times and we have lost touch :( I miss you and you have been amazing, so thank you :) < 3

dsradine - We barely talk, but when we have talked, it has been amazing :D You are just a cool and great guy :D We need to talk more often but you are just so incredible :D < 3

CaitlinBella - Hun, we slay those group challenges. Without you, I would have no partner in my group challenges, I need you there to slay with me. You are such an amazing person so thank you for everything :D < 3

rory17 - Hun, you are AMAZING. Your group games slay me and you run them so professionally, I love it. You are such a sweet person and we need to talk more often. Thank you for everything. :D < 3

QueenMichelle - My Final 2 in my first and (SO FAR) only charity on tengaged. You are such a caring person and you are honestly so sweet to me. We haven't talked recently, but thank you for everything :D < 3

rawr25 - One of the more recent people to be so sweet. You are honestly so sweet, so amazing, and just AMAZING. You are such a good player on here and you are just so kind to me :) so thank youu for everything :) < 3

megzbl - MEGAN!! I LOVE YOU!! We have only just started talking recently, but you have been there behind the scenes and you are honestly just an amazing person. You are so sweet and so kind and we need to talk more often :D so thank you < 3 :D

There are probably a whole lot more people I should have tagged, and if I missed you out, then I am sorry :( but thank you so much people of tengaged. And here is to the road to TV star :D



LOVE YA  tomdudley grats on Red! work that extra point ;)
Sent by dandoe,Sep 28, 2015
Congrats Tom, you certainly deserve it!! < 3 :D
Sent by silas86,Sep 28, 2015
Sent by kyoot,Sep 28, 2015
dandoe LOVE YA! and I will with pride ;)

silas86 Aw thank you hun! Thank you for being an amazing frat leader < 3 :D

kyoot ILY2 THANK YOU < 3333 ;D
Sent by tomdudley,Sep 28, 2015
Sent by rory17,Sep 28, 2015
congrats love
Sent by nicknack,Sep 28, 2015
rory17 thank you hun :D

nicknack thank you love, loving you < 3
Sent by tomdudley,Sep 28, 2015
Sent by LoveLife,Sep 28, 2015
OMG congratualtions man ILY!
Sent by pleaseletmestay,Sep 28, 2015
LoveLife Thank you hun :D

pleaseletmestay Thank you :)
Sent by tomdudley,Sep 28, 2015
Awwwww tom!!!! I love you -< 3
Sent by megzbl,Sep 28, 2015
megzbl I love youuuuuu < 3 thank youuuu :)
Sent by tomdudley,Sep 28, 2015
tomdudley :* < 3

I miss you too so much bud! I will try to get my skype to not be such a twat tonight.
Sent by FlamingJojo,Sep 28, 2015
FlamingJojo :* < 3

Missing you dearly :(
Sent by tomdudley,Sep 28, 2015
Congrats! You've been zooming up the levels :)
Sent by lime250,Sep 28, 2015
lime250 Thank you hun :) and I knowwww :D
Sent by tomdudley,Sep 28, 2015
Sent by rawr25,Sep 28, 2015
rawr25 Thanks hun :D miss talking to you :(
Sent by tomdudley,Sep 28, 2015
Sent by C_Shizz96,Sep 28, 2015
love you forever
Sent by QueenMichelle,Sep 28, 2015
Aw love you too Tom! And Grats :)
Sent by dsradine,Sep 28, 2015
Sent by Brandt69,Sep 28, 2015
Omg slay! I love you so much
Sent by CaitlinBella,Sep 29, 2015

dsradine Aw :) Thank you and love you :)

Brandt69 Hun, you are amazing. I am proud of you getting 2nd in stars and you have been nothing but so sweet to me :( You are truly amazing and I want to thank you :) Love you :)

QueenMichelle loving you hun

CaitlinBella SLAYY! love youuuuuuu :)
Sent by tomdudley,Sep 29, 2015

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