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11thAug 14, 2015 by tomdudley
I shall reveal a fact about myself so people can get to know me more :)

30 - My middle name is Joseph. (Starting off calm)
60 - I have broken my leg pushing a swing, and my wrist on a bouncy castle.
90 - I almost died due to my appendix bursting when I was 4
120 - Tbh, I fully don't know my sexuality. I say to my friends I'm straight. But I think I am either Bi or Gay.
150 - I definitely have below an E (at least) in my media GCSE

Also, PYN and I will say something nice about you :) Because you all deserve it! :)

CaitlinBella - OMFG I MISSED YOU SOO MUCH! You are honestly the sweetest girl ever. Mail me ASAP if you can
Haileyyy - You seem really sweet and nice and I would love to get to know you :)
topazisqueen - Your blogs are really funny and you are a good player :)
benp428 - You seem really cool and I will join one of your frookies one day :)
MasterB - You are a good player and seem sweet! :)
@Fighton - You are a really nice person and a good player! :)
kyoot - You are honestly one of the most nicest, cutest, hottest and perfectest people in the world! ILY, keep being perfect!
nicknack - Nick, ILY! You are so so sweet and kind and you are really hot aswell! :)
Matedog1209 - You are unbelievably nice and an amazing player! :)
FlamingJojo - CONGRATS ON GETTING THE STARS SEAT! I am hella proud of you for getting it, I am going to fully support you. You are super duper nice and sweet! :)
BlueStar1367 - You are a good player, a good friend and really kind. :)
Petro - Aw! You are so so kind and sweet and you are truly amazing! :)
Dibby1010 - You seem like a really cool guy and a good player! :)
IRandomal123 - You seem like a pretty kind guy and pretty funny and cool! :)
islandsurvivor - You seem really kind and sweet and a great player! :)



me :)
Sent by CaitlinBella,Aug 14, 2015
+++ and me :)
Sent by Haileyyy,Aug 14, 2015
meee and i plussed
Sent by topazisqueen,Aug 14, 2015
Sent by benp428,Aug 14, 2015
Sent by MasterB,Aug 14, 2015
Sent by Fighton,Aug 14, 2015
+++++++++++ :)
Sent by kyoot,Aug 14, 2015
Sent by nicknack,Aug 14, 2015
Sent by Matedog1209,Aug 14, 2015
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Sent by BlueStar1367,Aug 15, 2015
Sent by Petro,Aug 15, 2015
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Sent by IRandomal123,Aug 15, 2015
Plussed and me
Sent by islandsurvivor,Aug 15, 2015

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