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  1. being happy is soooo boring
  2. ah than u for the gift :D
  3. can a gay explain this 2 me
  4. It's like all of my life
  5. it smells like thai food in here
  6. I won HQ Trivia!!!!!
  7. Cause I'm your jazz singer
  8. ur really trying to jack my swag huh
  9. I will not be silenced.
  10. PYN
  11. why did i watch that whole fucking video
  12. No title
  13. PYN
  14. when i was 11 i turned 13
  15. Vroom vroom!
  16. Hey Mr. Scott
  17. CBB Cast from the preview
  19. @ everyone and their mother
  20. I've been diagnosed....
  21. I'm the bitch that leaves a perfume scent on your..
  22. 8:14
  23. I thought he died in the diary room!
  24. where to get quaaludes
  25. camila cabello fucking sucks!
  26. robbed
  27. get a little bit a bourbon in ya
  28. out at q12
  29. beezin hard rn
  30. karma got its kiss for me
  31. Dad. You swore
  32. WE ARE FUCKING RICH!!!!!!!!!!!
  33. Fucked my friend's grandma on xanax and suboxone
  34. *licks knife*
  35. can't believe i was 1 q away from winning 4k
  36. This is what Ben fans look like
  37. is ftc/reunion worth watching
  38. lms for a tbh
  39. Ghandia on Judge Judy

No title

Feb 7, 2018 by tofutime
Some Italian Americans are so funny cus they’ll be like 67877th generation, not know one word of Italian, can’t even point Italy on a map, and the only thing their parents ever cooked that was Italian was spaghetti and meatballs with ragu sauce and garlic bread that came from a freezer. But they’ll be the first ones to say “we do x y and z cus we Italians!” And they’ll rep Italy as if they’d just left.

If that’s all it takes to be Italian, I too am Italian for all the times I had Italian genetics inserted inside me while on all fours during my summers on Long Island.


Gonna tag Jenzie to get her take on this. Not shading her.
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