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I've been diagnosed....

Jan 25, 2018 by tofutime
With dissociative identity disorder.... It means that due to childhood trauma my brain has developed a series of different personalities/lives. Each one is different and they don't know about each other. One of the reasons I discovered I may has a problem is when I was reading through my old mails and saw how I wouod tell different people that I had different jobs,names, etc... I was like "that's weird" but I kind if brushed it off

Then about a week ago I woke up in the middle of the stage during theatre class and everyone was staring at me. Apparently I went into a crazy rampage about how people were being bitches and I didn't remember doing that at all.....

Most of this week I have been going in to the psychologist lab for them to do testing and monitor me over night. They distinguished at least three different personalities...

Mark- 28 years old, thinks he is a therapist and is very calm
John- meee
Renee- 18, my avatar, who says she is going to college to become some kind of fashion designer (I think this is the one who gets really angry but I'm not sure)

Sooooooo.... Yeah. If I have ever went off on you or told you two different things, this is why....

I'll probs be offline for a while as I get treatment and hopefully they can fix most of this.....


bish I know this is a copy paste blog Tofutime
Sent by Rocker917,Jan 25, 2018
Rocker917 that was probably on a multi of mine... another identity perhaps?
Sent by tofutime,Jan 25, 2018
Copycat!!! I read this twice before
Sent by BrainJak,Jan 25, 2018

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