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Nobody won that damn fight (not saying Melissa wouldn't beat Kailah ass in a real fight) but fr tho. What fights have y'all seen or been in. That fight was for 2 seconds. Hell at least Angela was in fights where you know for a fact if she lost or won.
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so sad Jul 16, 2016

Prayers go out to his family and friends
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Still miss him Jul 13, 2016
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me when i realize Apr 18, 2016
everyone hates on kids under the age of 16 for becoming popular Musical.Ly stars

but everyone loves the 19 year old MAN  I REPEAT  MAN who actually has real life beef with some of these kids I REPEAT   KIDS.
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i like how Mar 19, 2016
in scream Riley reflects the sweet side of Tatum
and Brooke shows the more Sassy side
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Scream returns Mar 11, 2016
May 31st

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