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what do i have (TMI HONESTLY)

Jan 2, 2018 by titoburitto
my stomach has been hurting since midnight and i was like "maybe i need to throw up"
so i went to the toilet and threw up a shit load
but after that i felt so good LOL

was it something i ate last night or do i have the flu or something lol


Probably good poisoning
Sent by thewolfman,Jan 2, 2018
I meant food
Sent by thewolfman,Jan 2, 2018
good poisoning LMAO
Sent by FighterMan,Jan 2, 2018
food poison
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Jan 2, 2018
Sent by sk9ergal,Jan 2, 2018
Lol it’s the Mexican water
Sent by AllieBoBallie,Jan 2, 2018

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