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Trolololololo the romance scammer (long read)

Jun 21, 2013 by tinabeena
Taken from Wikipedia: A romance scam is a confidence trick involving feigned romantic intentions towards a victim, gaining their affection, and then using that goodwill to commit fraud. Fraudulent acts may involve access to the victims' money, bank accounts, credit cards, passports, e-mail accounts, and/or national identification numbers or by getting the victims to commit financial fraud on their behalf.

My friend Susan was a victim to this kind of scam. The scammer promised her the world, she sent him money for "a new phone" and a new laptop, etc. only to find out he was a Nigerian scam artist.

For some reason, these scammers tend to pick out the vulnerable people...people who are lonely, overweight, depressed....etc.

When these scammers try something with me, I troll them. So, about 15 minutes ago, some random dude who definitely is a romance scammer, messaged me on skype.

[8:42:02 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: I would very much like to thank you for accepting my friendship request. Coming from a messy divorce, where I lost most of my so-called friends, I am now searching for some new friends, that will not desert me at the slightest sign of difficulties. Once again, thank you for accepting my friend request.
[8:42:26 AM] tin@been@!: no problem :)
[8:42:43 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: How are you doing today?
[8:42:51 AM] tin@been@!: Good You?
[8:43:13 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: Same here
[8:43:19 AM] tin@been@!: brb restroom
[8:43:28 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: Okay
[8:45:29 AM] tin@been@!: sorry about that
[8:45:43 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: Okay
[8:46:21 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: My name is Gen.Joseph F. Dunford, Jr.i am a four-star general in the United States Marine Corps and current commander of the International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces here in Afghanistan 57 years of age.Am 57years old single father. I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts the United State of American to be precise. i am divorce 4 years ago. I am American military officer currently recall on duty post here in Afghanistan.
[8:46:47 AM] tin@been@!: that's cool :) Thank you for serving our country :)
[8:47:21 AM] tin@been@!: My father was in the US Army and was a Corporal
[8:47:27 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: I am presently stationed in Kabul,Afghanistan for a peace keeping mission
[8:47:29 AM] tin@been@!: He was in military police as well
[8:48:28 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: I am divorce but with one kid in the states, I hope to move over to re-marry after ,.What i seek for now is a woman who will not betrayed me...About Me: I’m down to earth, confident & fun … man. I’m a hard-worker and have the ambitions to be the best in everything I do.
[8:48:41 AM] tin@been@!: :)
[8:48:42 AM] tin@been@!: well
[8:48:50 AM] tin@been@!: I hope you find what you're looking for.
[8:49:42 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: I am new on skype,i am seeking to meet a real friend that i can includ into my retriement plans , I have not been so lucky. hope to move over to re-marry after my retirement from the military, as a military consultant to the continent so I am looking out to make a good lovely wife before my arrival in the country
[8:49:58 AM] tin@been@!: awesome
[8:50:55 AM] tin@been@!: Like I said, I hope you find what you're looking for :)
[8:51:10 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: Thank you
[8:51:32 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: I am Roman Catholic and I love reading Bible
[8:51:37 AM] tin@been@!: That's great
[8:51:47 AM] tin@been@!: I am Episcopal but I don't go to church much
[8:51:53 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: I would love to be your friend if you don't mind
[8:52:00 AM] tin@been@!: Sure :)
[8:52:04 AM] tin@been@!: But I must tell you something.
[8:52:08 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: (handshake)
[8:52:11 AM] tin@been@!: I am not looking for a relationship with a man
[8:52:15 AM] tin@been@!: because I am a lesbian.
[8:52:18 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: AOkay
[8:52:30 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: Are you married with kids
[8:52:36 AM] tin@been@!: I am a lesbian
[8:52:39 AM] tin@been@!: I only like women
[8:53:09 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: Really
[8:53:15 AM] tin@been@!: Yes.
[8:53:33 AM] tin@been@!: I do have a daughter from a previous relationship with a man, but I no longer am interested in men. I don't mind having men for friends, but that's all.
[8:53:50 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: Okay
[8:53:57 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: What is your job
[8:54:01 AM] tin@been@!: I am disabled.
[8:54:29 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: Have you meet an army General in any part of your world before
[8:54:43 AM] tin@been@!: considering I live in America, yes.
[8:54:51 AM] tin@been@!: I thought you were American?
[8:55:32 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: I am presently serving here in Afghanistan for a peace keeping mission
[8:55:43 AM] tin@been@!: but you're from Boston?
[8:55:46 AM] tin@been@!: That doesn't make sense.
[8:55:47 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: Yes
[8:55:57 AM] tin@been@!: Boston is in the US
[8:56:03 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: I am originally from Boston
[8:56:16 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: But now I'm in Afghanistan
[8:56:20 AM] tin@been@!: yes you said that
[8:56:22 AM] DUNFORD JOSEPH: I'm a Marine General
[8:56:28 AM] tin@been@!: yes

After this conversation, he asked me to go on cam. I asked him if he had a cam, he said yes, so I said him first. So he called me, didn't put on his cam as he said he would, hung up and blocked me. LOOOL. I'm on to you, scammers!!!!


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