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  1. Lita
  2. Join survivor with me
  3. One year ago
  4. I definitely
  5. If hunger
  6. Snow patrol
  7. Haleigh would have won afp
  8. I gotta say
  9. tag a user with 1489 karma
  10. please 1 more person
  11. only need 3 more
  12. Tag anyone but me
  13. Thank you
  14. Jc winning hoh
  15. Gift me silver suit
  16. when you try to join frooks
  17. I haven't
  18. When your to poor to hunger
  19. Who's multi
  20. Vote for tico if you love tacos
  21. Plus this blog
  22. I miss
  23. I miss
  24. Hunger
  25. Finished re watching Bb 14
  26. Frank and Jenn
  27. Can
  28. Now that faysal ruined this season
  29. What time do they cut feeds for noms?
  30. Finally watching veto
  31. Glad
  32. Thanks so much
  33. Its my birthday
  34. Thank you
  35. 3 more for frooks
  36. Made f3 in a fastings
  37. When
  38. Did it always say this for an anon gift?
  39. Put your multis to good use
  40. Fuck

Finally watching veto

Aug 16, 2018 by ticofernandez
Rockstar handing Tyler the veto being the reason she goes is fitting for the most clueless player ever. I still hope scottie or faysal pull out slip and slide hoh tonight and not Tyler.


I think the title of clueless player ever still goes to Jacob from BB9
Sent by joey96,Aug 16, 2018

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