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"Heather played a bad game"

Feb 9, 2018 by thewolfman
Well no she did not and let me explain to you guys something. You may not know this but I actually played stars twice, once on this account from the frat seat and won the raffle on my old account. I'll be the first to admit that on this account I played a god awful game and that's not even debatable. I was nominated three times and got 8th place. I couldn't even survive that game as a flavor. Heather didn't need to get flavored to play a good game. So far she is unnommed. The people accusing her of playing a bad game were on the other side of the house and are evicted. They're trying to blame their bad games on her. I'll use Danger from my season as an example. Yes I did attack him and yes I was a bit pissed at his gameplay since it in a way ruined mine but at the same point in time I didn't accuse him of playing a bad game at all because truthfully he played an amazing game and ended up going unnominated which is very impressive. Yes he did use a premade, no that doesn't mean he played a bad game.

Now let me talk about stars for me on gkg0718 when I still had that account. I personally feel like I did ultimately play a good game on this account. I played both sides of the house and made it to f5 unnominated and I beat someone in a poll who was both a popularity threat and a flavor by not even 1% (love you Chelsea.) I ultimately got 2nd place. So where am I going with this? Well, some days I took 10 hours out of my personal life to go that far in  the game. I sacrificed any life I had at the time for a week just to make it that far. Did the people accusing her put in that much effort? I don't know but I still doubt it. If they really cared that much, maybe they would've put in the time to work with her, even if it was just trying to play her and not really work with her. It is clear that they didn't put in the effort to do that in my eyes.

What I'm trying to say is look at your own game before blindly accusing someone of playing a bad game.

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