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  1. Can someone talk to me
  2. just gonna leave this here
  3. Why am I still trending
  4. thank you all
  5. i was gone for like five minutes
  6. First of all
  7. why I'm leaving
  8. Goodbye tengaged
  9. Loving the new design
  10. The Hunger Games (rules)
  11. Still plenty of room
  12. The Hunger Games (PYN)
  13. Hunger (PYN)
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  15. Hunger games (PYN)
  16. Free hunger games
  17. PYN for an opinion
  18. i just realized
  19. free hunger
  20. PYN for hero villain or sheep
  21. The Hunger Games (PYN)
  22. advice needed
  23. The Hunger Games (PYN)
  24. what to design next?
  25. gonna start designing
  26. Thank you all
  27. Break 800
  28. PYN for an opinion
  29. +4+?
  30. Ask me
  31. Plusses?
  32. I hate getting involved in drama
  33. Who else wants to die?
  34. The Hunger Games (PYN)
  35. It got to auction!
  36. Anyone else wanna die?
  37. Literally need only one more plus
  38. if you wanna die
  39. 73 T$!
  40. Mad cheap design

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Feb 6, 2018 by thewolfman
To my little sister trying to take a broken wrist to get out of school. This is very entertaining, especially her not knowing that even if it was real she still has to go to school


she sounds like my niece lol
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Sent by onemanarmy,Feb 7, 2018

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