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  1. I also tried to kill myself ***GRAPHIC***
  2. Who wants to chat?
  3. I wish I had T$
  4. Guys shut up
  5. Unpopular opinion
  6. late stars support
  7. I'm fat
  8. why I'm not orange level
  9. stars (PYN)
  10. help out charity game givers
  11. To all those suffering
  12. Drop a band/artist
  13. I'm gonna be the bigger person
  14. Things my mental illness has made me do
  15. Coming out about my mental health
  16. Deleting blogs you tag me in?
  17. Why do people hate me so much?
  18. check your messages
  19. Dear diary
  20. list of talentless musicians
  21. The challenge iconic duos
  22. Its so messed up in my opinion
  23. So I was watching BB13
  24. Updated
  25. Add for add?
  26. Are you and someone else an iconic duo?
  27. Drop your opinions of me
  28. The challenge: iconic duos applications
  29. Updated
  30. Still actively updating
  31. PYN for an opinion
  32. Vote for the winner ( stars)
  33. daily reminder
  34. Evict for 4th ( stars)
  35. Ask me anything
  36. i have 20 T$
  37. Evict for 5th ( stars)
  38. The Duel Episode 1
  39. Need 3 more players
  40. to the brown level negging all my blogs

Who's joining stars?

Dec 30, 2017 by thewolfman
If you are my Skype is live:tengagedwolfman. I have the frat seat from noobville


thewolfman i know who you really are buddy
Sent by fuckshroom,Dec 31, 2017
Sent by fuckshroom,Dec 31, 2017
Who's that? fuckshroom
Sent by thewolfman,Dec 31, 2017
thewolfman you
Sent by fuckshroom,Dec 31, 2017
You're confusing me fuckshroom
Sent by thewolfman,Dec 31, 2017
thewolfman You both are from connecticut, both like heavy metal, both are looking for boyfrinds etc ....
Sent by fuckshroom,Jan 1, 2018

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