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Oct 23, 2018 by themissinglink
I was in a nostalgic mood and found myself looking at my Generation 1 group ( ) and I read over my 20th season Tristan da Cunha.  It brought back so many great memories, it was such an EPIC season full of people playing their hardest.  So many great players like: oldnewz, 5651Omar, hinata0014, joedamanxd (albeit with a different name or names...), cheapcheep, Gaiaphagee, Chastain, MrPokeguy9, giraffez, zuelke, manalord, Jxhn, ilikebugs and so many others that aren't active anymore (each one a great loss to the group gaming community)

Looking back made me realise how lucky I was to host it, it was great to have such a legendary game. 

It has also made me wonder what is happening to group games now, because I look around and there just isn't the same level of activity there once was.  I really feel it in my series, but I also notice it in others.  There isn't the same level of engagement there was and it seems many groups take a long time to even find applicants.

Maybe we will never get back to the heyday of groups, when there were so many great series that were bursting with talent but I would hate to see this trend continue...

Is there anything that we can do to stop it?


I have really good memories of those games too haha, but rarely join them because the hosts don't finish them.

LOOKING AT YOU COLE91 and our 100 person survivor

Not trending him though bc I scare
Sent by CheapCheep,Oct 23, 2018
lol CheapCheep

Is Cole91 even active anymore?  I haven't seen him on here since I came back.
Sent by themissinglink,Oct 23, 2018
themissinglink I dont think he is. I know an incident came up before he left that was kinda serious. But he's doing okay last i've heard.
Sent by CheapCheep,Oct 23, 2018
Hey! Yea that game was legendary and I think the site's lack of activity is just cause everyone's grown up and don't have the time to play anymore. Or they just moved on to other stuff in life. Sucks but it's life :P
Sent by OldNewz,Oct 23, 2018
Yeah I think that is definitely a big part of it oldnewz

We had a good there for a while though
Sent by themissinglink,Oct 23, 2018
themissinglink Miss you bro! Group games are dead unfortunately. Gotta get into orgs.
Sent by Gaiaphagee,Oct 23, 2018
Can we agree that I鈥檓 the Cirie Fields On Group Game survivors 馃槶
Sent by 5651Omar,Oct 23, 2018
Legendary series!!!!!

Am interested to know how you felt I was as a player
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Oct 24, 2018
It was so long ago MrPokeguy9 I don't really remember what I thought of your game

You'll need to play again to remind me.
Sent by themissinglink,Oct 24, 2018
oh I remember the series my first (and literally only win) and I was like so concerned Martin would beat me I never thought Hobo would attempt to lol it brought me greats friends like Natalie who to this day is my favorite former alliance member ever to live like for real. Then I came back and every time had a huge ass target because I won once and never got back into a merge in your games since winning my first time lol I really do miss it and from what I remember mrpokeguy9 attempted to be the sue but was really the russell lol and I well I was basically a mean little cunt lol themissinglink I think we need to have like a redo of that season so I could win again if the original cast is up for it lol and don't bring up Tristan I was eliminated in that one because of ZH that little prick then he beat me and still didn't win the damn season lol then hero vs villains like come on that was just a way for them to do the reverse of the last time me and Nat where on a tribe together the bastards lol
Sent by Giraffez,Oct 24, 2018
re: Cole he is fine and hosts a skype org now...
Sent by manalord,Oct 24, 2018

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