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Immunity Challenge #3 Mar 13, 2018
Trend the name of the tribe you want to win immunity.






Each person can only trend one tribe one time.

Scores as of C00LDUDE1000

Balta - 31

Rabida - 22

Genovesa - 16
Points: 170 72 comments
Link's Survivor Galapagos Mar 2, 2018
imageLink's Survivor is returning!

After nearly 500 days away one of the fiercest and most competitive group games on Tengaged
is returning.  Link's Survivor is back!

To make it fair for everyone (including myself) the season will feature all NON-LIVE challenges. 

If you want to apply then please follow the link below:
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Immunity Challenge #6 Oct 13, 2016
Trend the name of the tribe you want to win immunity.




Each person can only trend one tribe one time.

Updated scores as of me2013

Kudu - 62

Bontebok - 25
Points: 368 106 comments
Link's Survivor 2.0 Season 4 Cast Annoucement Sep 30, 2016
Thank you to everyone that applied.  Unfortunately you couldn't all make it but here at the 18 people that made it to the cast:


The season will debut one week from today (Friday the 7th of October) at 5pm EST.  Stay tuned for more details during the week.  In the mean time please make sure that you have joined the group:
Points: 78 5 comments
Link's Survivor returns! Sep 25, 2016
After nearly 2 years away Link's Survivor is returning!

Everyone is welcome to apply for the season, regardless of if you have played before.  If you would like to be part of Link's Survivor history then this is your chance to do so.

I don't know when I will be hosting another season, so if you are thinking of applying then this is the time to do so.

Just head to the link below to and fill out the application:


Points: 60 5 comments
So long and thanks for all the fish Jun 7, 2015
This isn't really a surprise, since I had been away for 45 days, instead it is a sort of making it official.  I am leaving tengaged for good because I have just moved on from it.  I had a great time over the years, mostly hosting, and I have met some great people on this site.

Obviously I don't have a huge legacy to leave behind in terms of gameplay.  However, I am proud of the hosting I have done with Link's Survivor, the 1st Generation produced some epic moments and wonderful characters.  Unfortunately I should have just stopped there and my heart was never really in the Second Generation, that isn't to take away anything from the those who played in and the 3 winners were all very worthy but I just felt it never captured the original magic I experienced in generation 1.

I have to give some special shout outs to a whole heap of people (I know I will forget someone so please don't be too offended if that is you).  First of all donosaurus_rex we bonded over our shared love of innuendos and without a doubt you were one of the biggest supporters of Link's Survivor and if I could make someone an honorary winner it would be you.  Next up Chastain you wear your heart on your sleeve and it is what makes you the awesome person you are and your win in Alaska is probably one of my two favourite wins in my series.  The next is LoganWorm you were the first person I really bonded with in the group game world and we started hosting around the same time, I still believe your dedication when you are playing is what helped elevate that first season all those years ago.  Leli14 the first 2 time winner in my series and truly one of the nicest people on this site, that is partially what makes you such a good player.

Now there is a whole list of people without whom Link's Survivor just wouldn't have been the same, here are just a few of those people: Joeker lifer107 chilltownbb7 simvivorway cheapcheep ohnatalie sunslicer2 giraffez manalord ilikebugs oldnewz dfalc7

Plus there are those fallen comrades who also helped make Link's Survivor such a great group for a while: #Gaiaphage #Rumtin #bluejays96 #ninihead25 and, of course, the legendary #losangelesgirl

Once again sorry if I have forgotten anyone, it has been a long time since I Generation 1. 

If anyone wants to stay in touch send me a message (I'll log back in a couple of times over the next day or so to check).  I'll be clearing my skype list after this as well.

So all that is left to say is, thank you and good night!
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