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BB update

Aug 1, 2022 by temponeptune
Kyle has decided not to use the veto and to send Alyssa home… huge bummer. I was so ready for Nicole to be out of here, and was interested to see how their “showmance” would go. Ugh.


They just want to make sure that the Leftovers *could* be set up well for the next week.
IF Indy joins the duo of Brittany and Michael, then the alliance is set up REALLY well
Sent by Noxack17,Aug 1, 2022
Would that be the safe if Taylor joined Indy and Alyssa?

Sent by BURBERRY,Aug 1, 2022
Thank god this sexual harasser goes home.
Sent by sk9ergal,Aug 1, 2022
Yes burberry.
Ideally Taylor joins Alyssa/Indy or Indy joins Michael/Brittany.
I think it will be the latter because it seems like they are gonna go for Alyssa and not Nicole.
Sent by Noxack17,Aug 1, 2022

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