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+ If Chinese is a language

Sep 18, 2020 by temponeptune
- If it isn't

Note: I was eliminated by danger in a group game over this question


No its not
the official language of china is Mandarin
Sent by Dash,Sep 18, 2020
Sent by KingGeek,Sep 18, 2020
it's not imo

Personally i feel like its Mandarin and Cantonese that make up the chinese languages, there isnt just one single language called chinese
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Sep 18, 2020
it isn't a language
Sent by Zuelke,Sep 18, 2020
don't get it twisted tho, rj definitely made that a question to flex his trivia knowledge.  he's a geek!
Sent by Zuelke,Sep 18, 2020
Mandarin bby
Sent by _Adidas_,Sep 18, 2020
It's not. Quite the trick question
Sent by Sunfire,Sep 18, 2020
IMO if you speak one of the Chinese languages I don't think it's wrong to say "I can speak Chinese"
Sent by _Aria,Sep 18, 2020

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